August 5, 2020
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How to know if your email has been posted online

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When browsing the web we usually leave a trace of our progress by registering on websites. That provide us access to various services. Usually one user is created from our email.

Have I Been Pwned website? (HIBP)  offers a way to check if your mail has been  compromised.  You have to put your email (or emails) in the search bar:


The word “pwned” comes from Internet jargon and gamers and refers to the word “owned”. This functionality is developed by a web security expert called Troy Hunt. The evaluation procedure of this website works on the basis of numerous security flaws of recognized sites. If your spam is exposed in multiple security breaches, the first thing doesn’t have to panic. One you can find was that your email associated with a DROPBOX account may have been hacked. In this case, the same DROPBOX company forced its users to change their password in 2016. This is usually the usual process.

It does not mean that you have done something wrong. Cybercriminals access databases (which are supposed to be safe) of companies and then traffic with them.


I have an email account that is already a few years old (the few more years of life an email is more likely to appear in these listings) and I share with you 3 times when my email was shared, my email was leaked. They are a hosting provider (webhost), adobe (company created from various programs such as photoshop, premiere, acrobat, etc.) and bitly (a url shortener). What I did was register on these sites and then the hackers stole the information that was supposed to be protected. These 3 cases for me do not influence anything, my personal information, monetary, was influenced, only my mail was shared on the network and I may receive more spam, but it is nothing serious.


Many times you can see that your mail was made public on internet but no data from you was stolen. If you want to know if your email was leaked online this web is a fabulous tool.

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