August 13, 2020
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How to recognize an image using google

google imagenes

Sometimes it happens that we see an image and do not know exactly what it refers to. Google images allow you to recognize that image and tell us exactly what it is. First we go to the Google images page:

The image we’re going to track comes from a twitter account, this one:


We downloaded that image to our computer. What we want is to know which character is the one in the image. The downloaded image is this:


Now we go to Google images and see that next to the search box there is an icon to add an image.

añadir imagen

Once here we choose the option to UPLOAD AN PICTURE > SELECT FILE, and then look for the image we just downloaded.

google subir imagen

Once the whole process Google images returns the data of that image that you have recognized, in this case it is Jerónimo Merino Cob:

This can be done with any image. You can even take a picture of a flower on a trip you’ve made to the field. Then follow the steps and Google images will give you the name of that flower. Sometimes, I’ve tried it with several images, it can be an incorrect cataloging. The algorithm that uses Google Images may fail. If you put a picture with a historical character or a famous painting will practically always recognize it.

I hope it will serve you to satisfy that curiosity that some of us have to know what surrounds us. Is easy to work with this tool and you can fin almost whatever you want. If you like cats… perhaps you want to know what is the type of cat breed you are watching. Or if you receive a suspicious imagen with a text and you want to know if is spam or fake news. Now is your move.

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