September 24, 2020
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Among us, guide and tips for this game

among us

No one expected it but in this came a game called Among us, which had gone unnoticed 2 years, to become the most watched thing on Youtube and Twitch over the last month. In a pandemic era caused by COVID-19 disease there are two games that have been played massively: Fall guys and Among us.
The explanation of the game is simple. A number of players between 4-10 enter a ship and are assigned two roles: crew members and impostors. Randomly between 1 and 3 passengers of the ship are selected to be impostors.
Crew members have to do missions on the ship. Missions include repairing electrical cables, scanning, destroying asteroids, etc.. Also among its objectives is to avoid being killed by impostors. Once a crew member is killed, he becomes a ghost who can perform some limited functions in the game.
Impostors instead have fake missions and have the power to sabotage the ship and kill, when allowed, other crew members trying not to be seen. Once they discover imposter and are expelled from the ship he becomes a ghost who can continue to annoy his comrades.

among us

Roles of each in among us

The role of impostors is much more attractive than being a crew member. Being able to do whatever you want, the fact that you can kill other crew members or be able to sabotage the ship is much more interesting than doing missions and watching who’s behind you.
If a player finds a corpse, a button is activated to notify it and all players meet. At that meeting they have to say everyone where they’ve been and what they were doing. A vote is finally held at the meeting. If a player has the suspicions of several he can be expelled from the ship if he wins that vote. A player ejected from the game may or may not report that he is an impostor.

Tricks in among us

Next I put a series of tricks to try to help a player play as best as possible whether you have the role of imposter or if you have the role of crew member.

Tricks for imposters

Being an imposter is much harder than being a crew member. First of all because there are fewer impostors than crew members. Second, they have few ways to have alibis. Also, if you don’t do anything… crew members win. And finally, they don’t have the ability to do chores. These simple tricks below can help you win the game easily:

  1. If players play on a map with security cameras, there is an easy way to avoid being caught. The CCTV camera will have a red light flashing as soon as someone tries to access the power. Impostors can keep an eye on this and carry out their murders as soon as the light goes out.
  2. Clicking on the animation screen that says “Shhhhh”, it is removed and players can enter the game faster. Impostors can use this to their advantage and prevent other players from noticing them.
  3. When pretending, impostors should avoid visible tasks. They should also make sure that the time of their task matches that of someone else performing a task. This way, if someone is watching them, they will see the progress of the task increase and they will not suspect the imposter.
  4. Impostors can also kill players while performing a common task or solving a crisis in a group. This would make it more difficult to identify them in a crowd.
  5. Crewmates can also die from a distance. Impostors don’t need to be very close to their victims. As soon as the kill button is turned on, you can press it no matter how far or close the crewmate is.
  6. Impostors have a special ability that they can use to sabotage crewmates. They can use it to introduce crises or close doors on the map. Among its various uses, impostors can use it to avoid emergency meetings, as crewmates cannot call one during a crisis. In addition, they can close doors and use vents to enter the rooms and kill their comrades.

Tricks for crew members

Crewmates have a much easier job in the game compared to impostors. Their goal is to expel impostors or finish their tasks before impostors kill them all. Therefore, to win, they must avoid being killed or eliminated by other crewmates.

  1. Crewmates can perform visible tasks, such as scanning, shooting asteroids, or throwing trash at others. This way, once your alibi is on, other crewmates won’t suspect they’re an imposter.
  2. They can align perfectly on other confirmed crewmates. Therefore, an imposter would assume that there is only one crewmate around and would try to kill him. Therefore, crewmates can catch the imposter with their hands in the dough.
  3. Crew members can also use the management map to find out the real-time location of others. Therefore, if the imposter uses a ventilation duct or kills another crewmate, it can be easily identified.
  4. There are other subtle tricks such as whether you’re going to play multiple games with the same people, score what each one does, or score the passing actions. For example, a player whenever he is an imposter the first thing he does is disconnect the light or make a certain sabotage. You can write down what’s going on and then go tying up capes.Ask direct questions to leave another player out of play that you suspect is the imposter.

Streamers who have viralized the game

Among us was a game released in 2018 with hardly any acceptance. Suddenly in summer 2020 it went viral due to several streamers who started playing it as you can see in the following image that refers to the trend of searching for a word in the google search engine..

Their success is partly because these famous streamers interact with each other through a voice chat in which everyone is playing according to their role, and telling lies non-stop. Betrayal is a dish served cold. This is a small collection of videos that you will surely like. Don’t set the speakers too loud…

After success comes the second part, or not

The success of the game has caused the creator of the game to be thinking of a second part. The first part had this official trailer:
The second part is expected to be released. The game’s creator innersloth ( is excited about success these past few months and has worked very hard these months to improve the game’s servers due to the huge increase in players.
The developers have had long discussions about what they wanted to do with the game. When do they stop developing Among us 1? What content will Among us 2 have? The main reason for doing a second part is that the codebase of the first part is outdated and does not allow much more improvement to what the game is now. However, seeing how many people enjoy the game right now, as it is, makes them think about continuing to maintain it. So, and this is today’s news ( developers have decided to cancel Among Us 2 and put all the focus on improving Among Us 1..
All the content they had planned for Among Us 2 will go to the first part. This is a difficult task because it means delving into the heart of the game and reworking various parts of it. They have many plans and are excited to bring new content for people to continue to enjoy. Here’s a small advance:

  • Servers. They will be improved so that players have a better experience.
  • Support for colorblind. We plan to add other identifiers for players, as well as certain color-centric tasks (such as cables). This should also open up the possibility of more colors. In the past, no more colors could be added because it was too difficult to distinguish players.
  • Friends/system account. It will be improved to be able to create a community of friends within the game.
  • A new episode! It’s still very early and they’ve just started designing it. However, the issue has been decided! The next stage in Among Us will be a Henry Stickmin themedlocation!
    We’ll continue to see what happens for the next few months. I’m sure they’ll decide what they decide is going to be well received.
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