October 14, 2020
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5 great videos about wild nature

wild nature

This is a series of nature videos that you’re sure to love. They are a series of 5 videos showing animals and their internment with nature. Sometimes it is very entertaining to see how to enjoy/suffer from the environment in which you live.

Among bison is the game

It’s summer at Yellowstone National Park,USA. Herds  of sun,  American antelopes  and  bison  return from their Winter feeding areas to take advantage of the rich meadows. But this tranquility is relative, soon the male bison begin to fight for the right matings with the females of the area. 

Journey to savage nature Sweden

A trip to the Scandinavian peninsula, and more specifically to Sweden. This video called “Wild Sweden” shows us the wonderfulpure, unspoiled, wild landscape of this country located in northern Europe. A journey to the land of cold, light, blue, ice, white nature.

First day at this baby elephant’s office

This adorable elephant baby was born to a mother who is part of an elite team of endangered Sumatra elephantsthat helps protectcommunities from conflict with other Indonesian wild elephants. She, a female elephant, is about 4 months old, creates fast and already begins to mimic her mother’s behavior. Here it looks like she’s trying to catch the grass with her trunk to get it to her mouth. Read more about this fantastic work by WWF in Indonesia in this direction:  http://bit.ly/wwf-elephant..

Fox and his way of looking for his food in nature

It is striking how some animals manage to hunt their prey in the wild. A red fox finds mice buried under the snow using his auditory sense. Also magnetic field of the North Pole to plot its trajectory. For more information you can visit http://dsc.discovery.com/tv-shows/nor…

Baby Panda Comes Home

This baby panda has 39 days to live in this video and weighs about 1,700 grams. A panda cub usually opens its eyes at 45 days of birth. To ensure that the baby panda sees his mother he consulted with several panda experts from China. The baby had an injury and that’s why he separated from his mother. Gradually the baby is introduced into the mother’s life, and the interactions between the two have been good.

After numerous evaluations and observations, it was decided to reunite the baby panda with his mother. The video comes from the Zoo called Taipei. Taipei Zoo  is the most famous and popular zoo in Taiwan. There are 90 hectares open to the public with 8 open pit areas and 7 rooms with around 400 species on display. 

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