October 7, 2020
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Useful google tools available on internet

google search

Next I will put a number of very useful tools that we can use on our websites. It will help you get a better result in google searches or increase your number of visits. They are tools provided by g00gle that you will be able to use on the Internet.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense. This is a free Google service in which we assign a portion of our websites to display sponsored links. Sponsored links belong to other websites that are advertised by appearing on ours. If a visitor to our website clicks on those ads, g00gle will pay for that click. The amount of income depends on many parameters. Using AdSense,advertisers can join this system to activate advertising texts and images on their websites. Depending on where the ads visit us from, the ads will be different. If I am visited by someone from Malaysia, the advertisements that the visitor will see are made from Malaysian products. Depending on how we browse the Internet we will see a related advertising.



Google Ads. Show your ads to customers when they search for companies like yours in Google Search and Maps. Pay only for the results you get; for example, calls to your business or clicks to visit your website. The company or personal website that pays for this service does so according to the number of clicks that receive your ads, being able to set a monthly budget. The advertised company pays per click that is received on the sponsored link and a monthly budget is set.
Keywords or keywords on blogs and websites: they help us position ourselves well on the internet. To optimize this resource, it is good that these words appear in the title and text body of the page and it is important to include keywords in the description (programming). One of the most important parameters for good positioning is to put as the title of the article in question the words that the person who uses google is just looking for. Regarding this topic there is the so-called pagerank,which is a 1 to 10 rating that makes of each web page based on the number of links to other pages and vice versa.



Google Analytics. Tool that offers free to have statistics on your website. It provides a lot of useful information to know what the people who visit us are looking for. It also offers information grouped according to the interests of three different types of people involved in the operation of a page: Executives, Marketing Technicians and Webmasters.
The available reports are quite comprehensive:

  • Exclusive user tracking.
  • User segment performance.
  • Marketing campaign results.
  • Search engine marketing.
  • Ad version testing.
  • Content performance.
  • Navigation analysis.
  • Objectives and redirection process.
  • Web design parameters.
  • This product was developed based on the purchase of Urchin (until then the largest statistical analysis company of websites) by Google. Today it is essential to be able to know everything that happens on your website.

Google search console

Google search console. It is a free service for webmasters that allows website creators to check the indexing status of their sites on the internet by the search engine and optimize their visibility.
A very useful tool is to send the mmapa of the site, sitemap. Google requires us to inform your search robot about the pages we have on our website. In this way, you can more easily track your contents and you can appear in the search results. In addition, it also provides statistics on robot access, and summaries of possible crawl errors. Even if we don’t use ‘Google Sitemaps’, we’ll still appear in the results; then ‘Google Sitemaps’ is simply an aid to the robot, which often has trouble locating all the information contained in the websites.


Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool from Google Labs that allows you to search for popular terms in the past or today and that helps us to position words in Google search. You can compare web pages, words, in which city you are looking for more a word, etc. It also allows to know by countries which word is more popular or less. Trends charts represent how often a particular search is performed in multiple regions of the world and in multiple languages. An additional feature of Trends is the ability to display news related to the search term above the graph, showing how events affect popularity (extracted from wikipedia).
It is interesting to note that there are some fairly seasonal search terms, such as gifts,which clearly coincides with the arrival of Christmas. It happens for other search terms such as football, with a large increase in searches in the World Cups.

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