January 10, 2021
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The dangerous free speech on the Internet

free speech

We live in the world of social media. One sentence that makes more and more sense is free speech. I mean, you can think of anything anywhere without anyone censoring you. It is a symbol of the individual freedom that each of us has. However, this free speech is not as beautiful as its definition states.

You used to be asked where the Nile River was and you could say that in America. There was no way to check except if you had a globe or some encyclopedia at home. Now… you’re two clicks away from knowing since you open your phone, enter a browser, put “Nile” and you know where it is. So why do people strive to post fake news that you can dismantle in seconds by focusing on their free speech?

Perhaps it is easier to believe a lie than to accept an uncomfortable truth. A lie is easy to discover from the comfort of the 21st century. You don’t have to have a lot of knowledge to get it to come out. However, when a lie is created and if you want to know if it is true or not, you have to bother looking for it, and it is often a desert crossing.

The assault on the capitol

And in this we come to January 2021. After a tough year 2020 we all decided to erase from our lives and think it was the worst… it has been a month of January the sea of interesting. It began with the assault by a group on the U.S. Capitol. Basically the assault on the capitol can be summed up with this gif:

A flock of sheep that will storm the place where a country’s sovereignty resides. The chaos generated can be found in several videos uploaded to social networks. It is intolerable that something like this was consented to and even more so when the one who promoted it was the president of the United States himself.

A silenced U.S. president

All social networks in which the current president of the United States has an active account have been closed. The president of the United States, not an Arkansas kid of extreme ideology. They have been Facebook and Instagram first and then as a chain reaction to the rest of social networks, the last of which has been Twitter. The last message on this social network was a video where in his own way he apologized and would abide by the decision of the polls.

And the decision of the great techs to ban the president of the United States is for many reasons. Throwing into the wind the subject of free speech cannot be that your speech is to belittle, hate others who don’t think like you, write false information, threaten others, create violence, etc.. Nobody cares how negative you see the world or how you see the world. Free speech is talking about issues that matter to you without belittling anything or anyone.

Parler and Gab banned

These two social media platforms claim to be the paradigms of free speech. I mean, they don’t censor anyone for saying what they think. The thing is, I’m not interested in what you think or say. I am interested in being informed and drawing my conclusions, without forcing others to listen to what I think. You can agree with me, but if you’re not, I don’t care. Free speech  is not important to me,  what is important is mutual respect.

All this free speech thing looks great but it draws attention as these platforms that promote that free speech seem to be a nest of activists of conspiracy theories, anti-vaccines, terraplanists, etc.. We’re going to reduce it to the simple, you can either follow the mass and talk about what you want on a social network without breaking its terms of use, or you can do exactly the same on a page with free speech and put whatever you want.

Parler, veted on Amazon, Apple and Google

It is promoted by saying that it is a social network without biases. If you proclaim that you have no bias, there is no ideology, it is easy to believe that it will be nothing more than a social network full of misfits and extremist fauna. The extremes are the most biased, why then do you create a platform without bias when preciselyit will be inhabited by biased people?.

I’m going to look at the parler page to see the ties you have right now. First, Google  removed Parler   from the app store. Then  Apple. And today too, Amazon has announced that it will not provide more accommodations through Amazon Web Services.

The page tries to say a clear and loud message. You own your data and you can say whatever you want. Whatever you want. I quote“Discuss and defend your values, passions, achievements and ideas in an environment that allows you to be yourself, free from the “shadow ban” driven by theagenda.” This is very nice and you might even think they believe it or that you can believe it yourself but it’s a long way from reality.

Gab, the off-radar social network

The page gab.com your site as the place where you can say whatever you want without censorship. What is not understood is why the CEO is a religious activist. What does religion have to do with free speech when religion has only one exclusive discourse? As you have breached the terms of conditions on various hosting providers and other platforms have decided to create your own hosting service, your own pay, your own application, your own browser, your own e-commerce platform. If you can’t with the enemy, create your own rules and your own battlefield.

So far this page has the honor of having been and being expelled from various technology. These include payment providers, including PayPal Stripe, as well as Medium as well as Square. They then resorted to cryptographic payments and were also summarily removed from Coinbase.

The page has a suspicious look similar to twitter.com. They want to be the twitter of free speech. In the contact area of the page they have a bitcoin address. If you track that address we see that it has been reported on one occasion in the deep web market.

free speech

The wallet has received (as of January 10, 2021) 1.83154 BTC is understood as donations from people who access that page and want to collaborate with this social network.

free speech bitcoins

And it is that everyone who has been banned on twitter seems to be heading to gab. And on this social network you find precisely the same thing that used to go up to twitter, without any control.

It’s funny this message in which a guy named Johny America talks about Gab and parler. Surprisingly, people, who are likely to believe these, are believed to be shutting down emergency calls in an upcoming update. For a moment I’m going to get into Johnny’s mind and think that’s what he really wants. First of all, there is no Linn Wood (or if it exists it is as false as the message).

Your simple mind thinks that since Gab and Parler are going to ban you through an iOS update by Apple, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that if you ask anyone to update your phone this is not going to happen. It sounds good on his head.




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