February 7, 2021
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Working with temporary emails, practical example

temporary emails

This article is to explain how to work with pages that provide timeable mail to avoid subsequently receiving SPAM in your personal mail. Using pages that allow you to create disposable temporary accounts is a good way to combat SPAM.

I’ll consider a class job, an exercise in working with temporary email. For them we will use the mailinator.com. I talked about this before, Working with temporary emails to do research

What does mailinator.com

The mailinator page does is provide the visitor with mailboxes that are public. You have to choose a name and if in the past someone used that name to provide it in the registration of a web page the SPAM message will appear in that public mailbox.


Practical example for working with temporary emails

Here’s an example that could be used in a computer security class. These questions are raised:

1. Go to the mailinator.com. Search the
public mailboxes a mailbox that has messages from
2. Scan that spam message, copying the address without entering the link, and
uses pages as www.virustotal.com to 
3. If necessary notify google that that page has malicious content. Explain what tools you'd use.  

1. Search public mailboxes for SPAM messages

We choose a name that has SPAM message in your mailbox. If we want to do it ourselves we would have to sign up for some website and put the address loquequieras@mailinator.com. The mail account domain is going to be mailinator. I have chosen the name john, therefore I will check the public mailbox of john@mailinator.com

buzon de mailinator

As you can see the service is quite used by people around the world who provide fake mailinator.com addresses to receive SPAM, I understand that to investigate or other similar reason. We’re going into any one.

correo en mailinator

In the message comes to those who are addressed, John@mailinator.com, and it seems that it is a “miraculous” diet to fight diabetes. Looking for the location of the ip comes that the message left Las VEgas, United States.

ip location

This is obviously a pure and harsh SPAM message. Someone checked into the page that sent us this email and gave as an address the email address of the mailinator’s public disposable mailbox.

2. Analyze that SPAM message, copying the address, and use pages as a www.virustotal.com to analyze it

In the SPAM message we get several links. We don’t have to go into those links. They are pages full of advertisements, pop-up windows, adult page banners, etc.. What we have to do is copy the address of the link and then we will virustotal.com to analyze that page.


As you can see the page is suspicious of SPAM and having malicious content by two of the engines that are used to check it.

3. Notify google if it is necessary achieved with your temporary emails

If we detect that the page has malicious content we can notify google not to allow access to it. We can use google safebrowsing -> https://safebrowsing.google.com/safebrowsing/report_phish/?hl=es or Google Safe Browsing -> https://transparencyreport.google.com/safebrowsing/search?hl=es_419.


A very suitable way to combat SPAM is to use disposable emails. These temporary emails allow you to use it once and don’t worry about whether they use your data in the future, thus maintaining your privacy. You don’t share any of your data, it’s not your real email, and it’s good for you to register on sites and use it to prevent them from trafficking your data in the future.

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