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How powerful words are used in online marketing

marketing online
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A characteristic of the human being is that we verbalize what we think. Choosing words is very important because you’re going to communicate something very different if you change one word from one text or while talking for another. Online marketing uses a series of keywords that help sell you a product you don’t need.

In this article I will talk about online marketing techniques and how they catch us to buy what we don’t need or sign up for a course in which we will waste our time and money.

Powerful words in online marketing (power words)

Therefore, the core, the heart, of this article are the words. There are words that alone express many things. These are words that trigger an emotional response when we hear them.

The goals of these powerful words are to resonate in your head. Tell you in some way that you have to pay attention to them. There are very powerful ones as we will see below.

There are 7 different types of powerful words:

  1. Breath or encouragement.
  2. greed.
  3. Anger.
  4. Lust.
  5. Fear.
  6. Prohibition.
  7. Security.

1. Breath or encouragement

Let’s be honest, most people aren’t jumping all day and jumping for joy. They’re probably bored, depressed by anything or tired. They need something to give them wings. They need words of encouragement or encouragement. Talking to them or writing to them can make them wake up or get excited.

Here’s a list of words you’ve probably seen out there that help lift your spirits:

Amazing, jubilant, ascend, legend, amazing, life changes, magic, bold, wonderful, master, imposing, awesome, mind-blowing, miracle, miraculous, phenomenal, bravery, etc.

They are often used a lot in emails. In mailinator’s public mailbox there are sure to be many examples daily such as this mail sent by Daphne where they use a word of encouragement “stunned”.

correo stunned

2. Greed

Greed is a human tendency that leads us to want more than we need. They are used a lot today to attract you to a shopping network. Powerful words related to greed include:

Reduced, Rico, Finish, Offer Ends Soon, Save, Savings, Six Figures, Rocket, High, Special, Increase, Treasure, Triple, Last, Negotiate, Best, Premium, Cash, Cheap, Discount, Extra, Gift, Big, Expires, Luxurious, InstantAneous, etc.

An example of its use is this capture where we find two powerful words, Gifts (regalos in spanish) and  Save (ahorro in spanish):


Another example would be the Rich Page which has two different headlines in pop-ups. The first headline said,  “Is your website optimized for big sales? Grab my free conversion toolbox and start succeeding! “

3. Anger

Many people have the gift of infuriating others, either because of their beliefs, their ideology, etc.. In many cases the problem is because bad deeds go unnoticed or at least most people are quite apathetic. They’re just waiting for the situation to be too serious to act on, and maybe it’s too late.

The words of anger what they do is enliven the flames, increasing emotion with words of anger. Some words of anger would be:

Abhor, Greed, Abuse, Unpleasant, Nazi, Annoying, Arrogant, Unpleasant, Backstick, Pain, etc.

An example would be this headline where the word unpleasant (desagradable in spanish) is used.


4. Lust

Like it or not, lust is one of the central human emotions. Just look at the men’s and women’s magazines in the hallway of the supermarket box to see it. Almost all cover headlines deal brazenly or indirectly about sex.

And it works, not only for magazine headlines for men and women, but for messages from your email list, subtitles of your articles, ad text, anything.

As a writer, you can use words that inspire lust to do just about anything intriguing. It’s one of the most classic ways to increase the excitement of a novel or headline. In the next headline there are several words of lust, captivating  and  loving.


Some words related to lust that you will find online and in magazines are:

Naked, Obscene, Orgasmic, Passionate Seducer, Sighing, Brazen, Pleasure, Captivating, Charm, Provocative, Spicy, Climax, Delight, Satisfy, Depraved, etc.

5. Fear

I encourage you to do this experiment. Leave your computer and listen to a TV news station for 10 minutes. Much of the words you hear will have to do with fear. Fear is the feeling of anguish caused by the presence of a real or imaginary danger.

Fear is without a doubt the most powerful emotion to capture and maintain the attention of the audience. To make sure you don’t switch channels, news networks are loaded with scary words, which makes you worry about losing something important if you stop watching that channel.

Words related to fear would be:

Lunatic, Agonizing, Apocalypse, Massacre, Armageddon, Assault, Kickback, Threatening, Murder, Nightmare, Blood, Pale, Chilling, Panic, etc.

An example would be this headline using suicide and shame words:


6. Prohibition

Who doesn’t like the forbidden? I’m sure you remember when you were a kid and someone told you NOT to do something. From that moment on, your life depended on doing precisely what you were being forbidden.

We are all fascinated by mystery and forbidden. It’s like it’s embedded in our genes. Therefore, you can take advantage of that predispotion to the forbidden precisely to attract where you want people to go.

The truth is, we are all fascinated by the mysterious and the forbidden. It’s like it’s programmed in our own nature.

Words related to the ban would be:

Old, Lost, Backdoor, Never Seen Before, Forbidden, No Microphones, Behind the Scenes, Off limits, Black Market, Outlaw, Private, Blacklist, Contraband, Restricted, Censored, Sealed, Remote, Knowing, Secrets, Rare. Etc.

A headline would be as follows, using the word Secret:

marketing online

7. Security

In addition to greed there is another desire that buyers feel. They want to be sure. Make it a trusted page, have a good reputation, have good reviews.

You need to have confidence in that product or service and the way you get the desired result. Trust is very hard to achieve but once you have it, your business will be comforted and you will get thousands of buyers. An example of a secure and trusted enterprise is Amazon. Millions of people shop on Amazon and are sure their purchases are what they want. They also know that if something goes wrong… they can return their products very easily.

Much of that trust in companies is because of their reputation. If a friend recommends buying on a page, you’re likely to listen to them.

Words that have to do with security would be:

Privacy, Professional, Anonymous, Authentic, Protected, Automatic, Tested, Backed, Refund, Financing, Best Selling, Reliable, Cancel at any time, Research, Results, Certificates, etc.

An example would be the cover of any Amazon day:

marketing online

Neuromarketing, online marketing that manipulates you

Neuromarketing is a field of commercial marketing communication that applies neuropsychology to market research, studying the sensoriomotor, cognitive and affective response of consumers to marketing stimuli. Potential benefits for marketing specialists include more efficient and effective marketing campaigns and strategies, fewer product and campaign failures, and ultimately manipulating people’s real needs and desires to meet the needs and desires of marketing interests.

Neuromarketing works as follows. I repeatedly insert words into your mind so that it softens and goes where I want it. It’s a form of brain manipulation.

Pavlov conducted a very famous experiment with dogs many years ago. He would ring a bell and then feed the dogs. He did it for several days and always when the bell rang the dogs came to collect his prize. However, one day their bell rang, the dogs came but did not give them food. The dogs had salivated and interstened that the sound of the campaign was equivalent to eating. In the series The office was played with this concept in one of Jim’s jokes    towards  Dwight.

Therefore, with neuromarketing the powerful words would be the bell that attract your attention to get a reward. It’s an example of conditioning your behavior using keywords.

Example of using online marketing

We can use the amazon page to check all this because it is confirmed that they use neuromarketing and powerful words. Just look at the homepage, a part of it, and see this:

marketing online

The word OFFERS is repeated countless times. In addition there are words like DISCOUNT, UNEXPECTED OFFERS, before and after prices with a sensitive discount, etc.

Online courses to learn languages with online marketing

We’re starting from this ad. The ad presents several powerful words such as: unique, method, fluidly, independently, talent, age, past, learning, etc. In the face of this bombardment there is little resistance.

marketing online

The message is clear, direct, and your brain not only looks at powerful words, but also uses the bold resource to further highlight what it offers. Regardless of whether that system works or not, the truth is that it clearly uses neuromarketing concepts.

I have not hired these courses and cannot say whether in 8 months someone can fluently speak a language with this method. But I know that if I spend 8 months working a language on a daily basis, I might get the same results as hiring these courses. These courses target people, anyone, however, some people are easier to learn languages than others. Those people who have that facility are unlikely to hire courses like this.


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