May 21, 2021
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NBA 2K21, free game on Epic Games Store

nba 2k21

Epic Games offers a new rotation of your free games. This time the chosen game is NBA  2K21. An excellent game where you can play the best basketball or at least with the best players. At the moment the game is only available for computers with Windows operating  system.

Epic Games offers a catalog of very good games being the most famous Fornite,but you can also find Rocket League,  Scavengers,etc. Now it’s you who can choose the one he likes best. NBA 2K21 is the new installment in the famous NBA 2K best-selling basketball series. Thanks to significant improvements in gameplay, graphics, community and competitive online features, and a variety of game modes, NBA 2K21 offers a unique experience full of BASKETBALL and NBA culture, where “this game is everything”.

Juegos de baloncesto

I remember playing basketball in pretty crappy games in the late ’90s. There was one where if you chose the Phoenix Suns and pulled out the band and was going to stop the ball to Kevin Johnson this one would put a triple 100 out of every 100 times. I don’t remember the name of the game, but I did swell up to put digital triples with Kevin and win matches making 150 points or more.

Today they are already hyperrealistic and no doubt NBA 2k21 is going to take out that basketball player that some of us have inside us. They use more and more complex interfaces and the result is a game that is practically real.

What you need to play NBA 2k21

You need to have an epic games account. Download the app and within that store choose this game. You have to tap STORE (or STORE) and then search the catalog for the game.

The promotion is available until May 27 at 17:00  Spanish mainland time. When you purchase it, you’ll receive the full edition of NBA 2K21  with no content limitations. It’s time for you to start your own NBA story. Only you will know whether or not you will become a legend.

Game modes

There are several game modes I expose below.

My career

Once upon a time a player starting in NBA, you. Told as a movie, it’s about you, about a player you create. Become an NBA legend from home.

My team

Choose the best NBA players from past and present and form the winning team. Take part in daily and weekly game events and challenges to discover rare, high-quality player cards, and compare the collection you’ve had so hard to beat with those of your friends and rivals.

The neighborhood

Live a virtual life focused on basketball in a neighborhood that never sleeps and where there is always something interesting to do. Play 3c3 street basketball matches with your people or 5c5 duels with more prizes at stake in ProAm.

My General Manager/My LEAGUE

You’re the team leader and you make decisions that affect your players, your team and the whole league. There are only two roads… success or failure.

Play now

You go in and straight in and play. Choose your favorite historical team and jump on the court with controls and a level of customization that set the tone. Experience the nba’s most authentic simulation.

Start playing

You have to first download the client, you can do it from here -> link. Then install the game from here -> And that would be enough.

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nba 2k21
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