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World Wide Web: what is the most important network

world wide web
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The World Wide Web  (or www) is the most important internet network in the world. It is based on the HTTP protocol, a protocol of communication between computers that is built on the Internet Protocol (IP). HTTP stands for  HyperText Transfer Protocol, andwas designed to download so-called hypertext documents (now known as “web pages”) and to send some information back to the web server.

A web page like this can have links to other web pages on the same server as in the following example. One page redirects two others and you’re one click from accessing the Security or Chess page.


Format of web pages

Web pages are created using the HTML language (HyperText Markup Language). The rules of this language are set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and specify special markers to indicate typographical and design properties. For example, bold text will have before <b>and then </b>. It is therefore a tag language.

While there are several versions of HTML (HTML5 is the latest), the HTML development process is continuous and open to participation. Once the standards have been set, there is no license or fee for the use of the HTML language.

One of the advantages is that all computer systems adapt to that language and understand HTML instructions. So all available computer systems understand HTML instructions in the same way, so anyone can use the language at no cost although sometimes there may be differences between browsers in interpreting HTML tags.

HTML free and open source

This open and HTML-free character is essential to ensure web compatibility and to be able to view pages on all kinds of devices: desktop, computers, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc..

Proper use of HTML allows you to convert web pages and ensures accessibility for people who are visually impaired; otherwise, text reading systems will not be able to understand the pages accessed and could not be useful for the visually impaired.

Where websites are published

Web pages are published on machines known as “web servers”. A web server is a computer that can be crawled using its only IP address. Usually many domain names (such as can be found at the same IP address because they are stored on the same web server.

Similarly, a single web server with a single IP address can host numerous web pages. If it is a commercial web page that supports a lot of traffic it can be hosted on a single web server, a dedicated web server. Therefore, in the event of an attack on an IP, web server, it means that hosted pages are not available.

The HTTPS secure protocol

In addition to the HTTP protocol there is the HTTPS protocol, a secure protocol. An HTTP page when you access it and send information is not encrypted and someone with access to that network can get the information that runs between it as it is sent.

HTTPS adds encryption to this connection, so (in theory) only the end user and the web server can decrypt the information that comes and goes. This is based on trust: The web page editor asks an SSL certificate authority company to digitally sign it and confirm the identity of the page editor.

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