June 3, 2021
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Cloud computing, a new way of working

computación en la nube cloud computing
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Cloud computing has become a “buzzword” recently. The concept itself is far from new, although it has recently seen great growth due to applications that are increasing their possibilities.

In diagrams depicting a network communication, a cloud is used to demonstrate what is outside a user’s network as can be seen in Fig. 1. Cloud computing, therefore, refers to any computing service that is performed inside a network located outside the user using it.

cloud computing
Figure 1. Cloud computing (Wikimedia source)

Webmail, one of its uses

One of the earliest examples of cloud computing is web-based email (“webmail”). Webmail users can access their email from any device connected to the Internet, rather than just a machine. Common webmail services include Yahoo!Mail,  Hotmail  and  Gmail.

A web email allows you to access your email account from any browser by logging into the service. You can treat those messages in the browser itself or use client mail programs such as Thunderbird,  Mailbird,  Microsoft Outlook,  Postbox  or Apple Mail.  

More speed, more services

With an ever-increasing internet connection speeds, the range of services offered by cloud computing services has grown exponentially in recent years. Now, for example, it is possible to store large amounts of data in the “cloud” using virtual hard disks, such as the one provided by Microsoft Live.

Similarly, online office software such as word processing technologies and databases has increased its presence.

Google’s Chrome operating system project

Google’s Chrome operating system project is one more step on the road to Cloud-based computing. Using Google’s Chrome web browser as a base, it aims to automatically incorporate cloud technologies by default which means that the amount of software used on the computer is minimal.

With a heavy reliance on services available online, in many ways opposed to the approach used in traditional computing, where almost all software is integrated the computer with little or no dependence on cloud software.

It is no longer necessary to buy a super computer that does a thousand things at once, you can delegate that work to a server hosted on the internet that does the work for you. The cloud works for you, choosing what you want, without shelling out large amounts of money, except for access to the cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Another example of working in the cloud is Microsoft Azure. Azure allows you to build apps with its tools and run them anywhere with the latest technologies announced in Microsoft Build.

You also have the security of having from the beginning the support of a team of experts, and a proactive regulatory compliance in which companies, public administrations and startups trust.

You are the one who decides. In addition, Microsoft’s continuous innovation underpins the development work you do today and your ideas for future projects.

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