June 16, 2021
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Free introductory chess course

grayscale photography of chessboard game
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Avertigoland launches an  introductory chess course free to use. This course is organized into a total  of 5 sections with 34 lessons and  5 questionnaires.

If you have ever wanted to get started in chess this is your course. I would like there to be feedback and that if you do it you comment what you thought. Surely there are errors or things that are missing, everything can be improved.

If you are a monitor of a chess club you can enroll your students and take the course. It’s geared to start playing but it also has plenty of material that’s going to help you improve your game.

Where can i find the course

You will find the course at this address https://avertigoland.com/curso/chess-introductory-course-free/. Being an initiation course is of a beginner level and lasts for 7 weeks after you start the course.

introductory chess course

Organization of the course

The course is organized into 5 sections:

  1. The first steps you need to know about Chess.
  2. Movement of the pieces.
  3. Openings.
  4. Half game.
  5. Ending.

Once you access the course you will have a left side menu where you can go to the lesson you want. Also in the upper right corner you will see the progress you have in the course.

introductory chess course

What data is collected in this introductory course

The course has a few terms and conditions of use. The data that is collected will be part of the database of the website and will not be shared with anyone. In no case is advertising sent or anyone’s mail saturated.

That data helps us have a record of your progress. If you finish the course you will receive an email confirming the completion. This process is automatic and the administrator only records your progress in the course but does not send any follow-up email.

I hope you find the course interesting and if you find it useful do not hesitate to use it and recommend it to your acquaintances.

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grayscale photography of chessboard game
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