July 8, 2021
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Mine, claim and protect your digital data

datos personales personal data
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We are continuously sharing our digital data with a multitude of websites that offer us a service. The way to register on that website is in the form of a form where a key field is the email address and other personal information.

The web pages that store that data have an obligation to keep it safe and secret, and to have a proper chain of custody so that it is not shared online.

Data Protection law

The regulation in Spain of data protection comes in organic law 3 of 2018  on the protection of personal data and guarantee of digital rights. The principles in protection would be:

  • The accuracy of the data, the data must be accurate.
  • The duty of confidentiality, all persons involved in any phase of the processing of personal data are subject to the duty of confidentiality, it is trusted  that the data will not be shared.
  • The treatment based on the consent of the affected, the affected accepts the conditions of a page.
  • The consent of minors.
  • The processing of data by legal obligation, public interest or exercise of public powers.
  • The special category of data.
  • And finally, the processing of data of a criminal nature.

What about that data?. This data becomes part of the database of the page in which you register and on them you have your rights. This website is also responsible for using data. You can register for it yourself. The information that is saved are various fields such as user, first name, last name, contact information, and so on. As stated in the privacy policy,  this data is used confidentially and privately.

Mine, the future of digital data

The Mine website allows you to discover where your personal data is and manage your fingerprint. The way to do this is to register on the page and using the gateway of your  Google account for example, and read the data of the applications or websites in which you have registered.

Once you have registered in Mine  you can see all the companies that have data about you. If you use the internet a lot you will be surprised by the number of websites that have data about you. Once here you can choose a page that you no longer use and that continue to save data about you and request through a claim form that they delete all your data.

datos personales personal data

And once you click on send request Mine  will send an email for you to the companies you claim. This way you ask for permission to delete your data.

datos personales

Who are Mine

We are part of a technological world and we are part of that world. Due to the enormous amount of data that exists today about each of us we may think that we have lost control over them.

Mine therefore tries to tell us everything we have shared so far since we are our data. Our rights over our data are a fundamental part of the future of the network. That’s why Mine was founded, to build a new data-owned future that gives users transparency and choice about the data they share online.

Confirmation that what Mine offers works

To check whether or not the service works I sent a complaint to a website that I no longer use through Mine. After a day of processing the request I received an email from the support of the website in which I had requested that my data be deleted and they sent me several messages.

Message 1.  They ask me for information to confirm that I really want to request the erasure of the data:

soporte support

Message 2. After replying to this first message they sent me another one to clarify that I wanted all my data to be deleted:

soporte support

Message 3. After confirming that I wanted all my data to be erased, they moved it to the second level to proceed to erase my data from their database.

soporte support

The final step is the last second-level confirmation message that my data has already been deleted. Thank the company that requested the deletion of my data the professional way in which they have carried it out. That means they care about their customers’ or visitors’ data.

Deletion confirmation

And days after requesting the deletion of my data I receive the confirmation email and the process is complete.

erasure data

Do the steps yourself to claim your digital data

If you really care about your digital data you may believe you are allowed not to use a third-party service. In this case you take care of this yourself. Mine  in fact you also share your data with them and access your profile to search for the websites with which you have learned.

Therefore, you can use this Mine form as a starting point and you can also contact the companies to claim your data.

An example of a form in Spanish would be this:

Hello <company you claim>,

My name is <Your name>,  and I hereby request to delete all personal data you have about me. According to organic law  3/2018  in its chapter II I have the right of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of treatment, portability and opposition to my data.

Send me an email confirming the complete and permanent erasure of personal data once the erasure process is complete.

My personal data are:

Name: <Your name>

Email: <Your email>

As proof of my interaction with your company, I received an email on <day> of <mes> <year> indicating that you have personal data about me.


<Your name>

Now it is you who is in charge of searching for all the websites that no longer interest you. And ask the data processor to delete all traces of you from their database.

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