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Create a fake identity to fight scams

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There are many ways to combat scams. One of them is to create a fake identity to waste cybercriminals’ time. We will get carried away by the current and on the page that have created the bad guys fill in the fake data about us, including the credit card.

Create a fake identity

The first step will be to create a false identity. The website https://www.fakenamegenerator.com/allows you to do so. You can choose gender, nationality, or set of names. Once we click on Generate we will have our new identity.

fake identity identidad falsa

In the identity comes our name, address, telephone, geographical coordinates, date of birth, false email address (this page is complemented by failmailgenerator.com) and other variables. The most interesting is the credit card that you can use because it is valid.

fake identity identidad falsa

Online credit card validator

On the internet there are several pages that allow you to know if a credit card is valid or not. You can enter the card number in groups of 4 digits or without spaces.

The page does not store any data that we enter in it. Therefore, the credit card that you are going to put on that page is not shared. The page is https://www.tools4noobs.com/online_tools/credit_card_validate/  . If we put the above credit card, we see that it is valid.

fake identity identidad falsa

Demo video

This video is a demonstration of how you can “annoy” the bad guys and make them pay a small commission for making us waste our time (and sometimes money if we don’t realize it). The author received an SMS that sent him to a fake page asking for his bank details.

Using a fake credit card, he looped several transactions that he cancelled. The bank charges a small commission for each transaction, so the bad guy, saw that there were movements but for that client in question his balance was negative, he had lost money.

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