October 28, 2021
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Facebook becomes in Meta, a metaverse company

metaverse metaverso meta
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Today Facebook  has announced that it becomes  Meta. Connections are everything and Facebook knows that. The metaverse is the next evolution of connections between people. This is the new vision that the company has to bring the  metaverse  into view. All the information can already be found in  meta.com. As the company changes its vision of what connections are, it is necessary to change the name to demonstrate its commitment to this new future of the company.

The metaverse will be social

There is no universally accepted definition for the word “metaverse,” except perhaps that it will be one of the Internet’s most elegant successors. Proponents of the Silicon Valley metaverse sometimes reference a description by venture capitalist Matthew Ball, author of the book  Metaverse Primer:

“The Metaverse is an expansive network of persistent, real-time rendered 3D simulations and worlds that support the continuity of identity, objects, history, payments, and rights, and can be experienced synchronously by an effectively unlimited number of users, each with an individual sense of presence.”

The 3D spaces in the metaverse will allow us to socialize, learn, collaborate, and play in ways that go beyond what we can imagine so far. You can see more details in the Facebook live event.  

Facebook, possibly is the technology company with the largest participation in the metaverse and this radical change proves it, describe it more simply:

“The ‘metaverse’ is a set of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who are not in the same physical space as you.”

Building the multiverse of Meta

Facebook says they are already developing new technologies to help people connect and explore the metaverse. Among these technologies will be:

Virtual reality

Virtual reality allows you to explore new worlds and share experiences. With Quest,even if you’re far away, you can discover new experiences with friends and family together.

Augmented reality

Through photos and videos, augmented reality allows you to enhance shared experiences with fun virtual effects by swiping the screen, allowing you to express yourself with the people you care about most.

Smart glasses

Wearable technology, such as smart glasses, will become gateways to the metaverse, allowing us to interact with the world around us. Smart glasses, which allow you to record audio and video with just one tap, are just the first step on this journey.


Facebook is renamed meta. It reflects the company’s shift towards the metaverse. We cannot know how it will evolve, but the change will be very important. The company is in reputation crisis and this can be a facelift. It is curious that just now that the way in which the company works is more in question, they intend to “take us out of reality” and introduce us to a technological metaverse that is not available to many people. It’s like living in a world apart, the world facebook wants us to see, which may not be real.

However, nothing will change regarding apps, Facebook will still be called Facebook and Instagram will still be called Instagram. It will integrate the metaverse in all its applications and we will see where this new path that begins will lead.

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