November 24, 2021
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Best Black Friday Deals on Amazon

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Black Friday is coming, and Amazon has unbeatable deals for you. In this article I’m going to talk a little about the history of this consumerist event, as well as the best deals, or at least, some of the best deals you’re going to find on Amazon.

History of Black Friday

Every year, millions of shoppers participate in one of the largest and most commercial events in the world, Black Friday (Mui 2009). B. F. is the Friday following Thanksgiving in the United States (USA). Therefore, it occurs between November 23 and 29 and this year it will be on Friday 26.

Traditionally, Black Friday has been considered to mark the start of the holiday shopping season (Criswell 2009). Although B. F. is not a public holiday, it has become a day where there is intense traffic on the internet. An estimated 195 million people visit malls and online retailers to celebrate Black Friday from Thursday to Sunday (Mui 2009).

The combination of having the day after Thanksgiving and the lowering of prices on thousands of products makes a huge increase in physical and online sales.

The best deals

On the main page of you will find countless offers. This is a compilation of some of them, but you can find more here – >  


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black flat screen computer monitor
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