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Doodles – a Google tribute to creativity

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The google search engine is not only a web page where you can find what you are looking for. Many times it becomes a tribute to a person or event, it is what are called doodles. It is a way to reward the life and work of a person or an important event for a country or region. Many of these doodles are country-specific or can only be seen in one area of the planet. Others are more media and are shown in the google search engine of the whole planet. They are usually very creative and tell a story that should be remembered.

One aspires in life to be recognized, famous, to be a talented artist or an experienced scientist. I’m sure many of us would one day like Google to dedicate a Doodle to us. It would be like winning an Oscar or a Nobel Prize.

How the idea was born

In 1998, even before Google was incorporated as a company, the concept of doodle emerged when Google founders Larry and Sergey started playing with the corporate logo to confirm their attendance at the Fiery Man Festival held in the Nevada desert. To do this, they placed the drawing of a monkey behind the second “o” of the word Google.

The goal of the modified logo was to send a comical message to Google users to let them know that the founders were “out of office.” Although the first doodle was relatively simple, this marked the beginning of the idea of decorating the company’s logo to commemorate marked events.

The archive of all Doodles

Google has a website where all the doodles that have been published to date are located. This page also allows you to see several languages and in it you can find more than 4000 published to date. Sometimes they are surprising, other times

doodles creatividad
Figure 1. Some examples of Google Doodles

The best Doodles so far

Below is a series of 10 of the best doodles. They would be the following:

30th anniversary of the PAC-MAN game

One of the favorite games for many years of many people was PAC-MAN. During the heyday of space shooters,  Tōru Iwatani’s creation stood out as one of the first video games aimed at a wider audience, with a cute story of a pizza-shaped character gobbling up dots in a maze, colorful characters, friendly design, very little violence, and eternal fun. You had ghosts that haunted you, but if you ate the right fruit   you were the one chasing them and eating them. On May 21, 2010, Google made its particular tribute where you could play a game yourself.

Image credit: Google

122nd anniversary of Charlie Chaplin’s birth

Charlie Chaplin was not only one of the biggest stars of the silent film era; he also wrote, directed and produced more than 80 films including works of art such as The Kid, The Gold Rush, The Great Dictator or Modern Times. On April 16, 2011, Google created  this video  commemorating the 122nd anniversary of his birth.


In March 2019, the world got its first AI-powered Google Doodle in the form of an interactive experience,which allows you to compose a two-bar melody of your choice. At the push of a button, the Doodle uses machine learning to harmonize the custom melody with Bach’s signature musical style.

Carnival 2009

The 2009 carnival  had this fun Doodle. Marking the beginning of Lent, Carnival is a week-long celebration filled with lively parades, colorful outfits, and elaborate music and dance routines. Although it is observed all over the world, Carnival is especially popular in Brazil. In fact, Rio de Janeiro hosts the largest celebration of its kind in the world, with up to 2 million participants.

doodle doodles
Image credit: Google

Robert Moog’s Birthday Celebration

One of the best and most interactive doodles was at the celebration of the 78th birthday of Robert Moog, the man who created the eponymous synthesizer and which was published in 2012. Its creation appears in songs by The Beatles, The Doors and others, and this ingenious Google Doodle  allows you to try it yourself.

robert moog
Image credit: Google

Celebrating Winter 2020 and The Great Conjunction

As Earth’s northern hemisphere prepares for winter and its longest night of the year, it seems that Jupiter and Saturn have decided to put on a rather unusual spectacle for the world to see! That great conjunction was the idea behind the doodle published on December 21,  2020.

The two largest planets in the solar system overlapped to form a “double planet,” an event that has not been visible since the Middle Ages, nearly 800 years ago. The animated Doodle celebrated the northern hemisphere’s first winter day, as well as this rare sighting of two planets, or “Great Conjunction.”

doodle doodles
Image credit: Google

Freddy Mercury

In 2011, Queen guitarist Brian May collaborated with the Google Doodle team to deliver a belated tribute to his friend and colleague Freddie Mercury. The result was this lively Google Doodle  celebrating the 65th anniversary of the artist’s birth, accompanied by Queen’s classic song called  Don’t Stop Me Now.


In 2014 Google to celebrate the Halloween party  invited several artists to create a series of creepy animated gifs. There were 6 in total.

doodle doodles
Image credit: Google


Another fun tribute was the change of the Google logo to turn it into Lego pieces. On January 28, 2008, this doodle commemorated the 50th anniversary of Lego.

Image credit: Google

Wear a mask, save lives

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Google offered several doodles  that showed how important it is to wear a mask to protect not only yourself, but also others.

Image credit: Google
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