February 12, 2022
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How to know the music trends of music platforms in 2022

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Fashion in statistics is what is most repeated. In the world of music they are fashionable or trends when there are many people who listen to a song or songs because it has gone viral or simply because it is an artist with many followers. There are several music platforms in which every week you can follow what has been heard the most and, in that way, follow the traceability of a musical success.

The main music platforms are Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal HiFi, Amazon Music Unlimited and YouTube Music. In this article I will comment on how to see the list of most listened to songs on several of these platforms.

Number of subscribers to major music pages

According to the midiresearch page  , the market of the main music platforms in the second quarter of 2021 are those that can be seen in Fig. 1. Of a total of 523.9 million subscribers, 31% use Spotify, 15% use Apple Music, 13% use Amazon Music, etc.

tendencias tendency global streaming trends
Figure 1. Global subscriptions by platform


The Swedish music streaming platform Spotify has the most subscribers. The website to know what is most heard is updated per day and can be seen at the following address spotify charts. This week’s data is this global spotify chart as can be seen in Fig. 2. You can choose the week, the gender and choose a specific country or leave it in Global to see all the data of the platform.

spotify trends
Figure 2. Spotify Weekly Global List


To follow the music trends of the Youtube platform, the most viewed videos, you have to go to the following address global charts, where you can see the global data, although you can also choose the country. The global top of songs is in the following address top global songs as can be seen in Fig. 3 whose order is by number of visualizations.

youtube tendencias trends
Figure 3. Songs in the global top of Youtube

Apple also has a page to check the top results of the most listened to songs. For example, the top of the most listened to songs in Spain are in the top playlist address Spain and the global one is in this global playlist address  as can be seen in Fig. 4. These trends indicate what is most heard in each region.

apple music tendencias
Figure 4. Apple Music’s Top 100 Global

Finally, Amazon’s music platform has a top-50 global listing at the following Amazon Music playlist address. You can also see the top by country and see the trends that are heard throughout the planet. This top list is selected by experts and is not based on the number of views or reproductions as can be seen in Fig. 5.

amazon music top
Figure 5. Top 50 on Amazon Music


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  • https://music.apple.com/es/playlist/top-100-espa%C3%B1a/pl.0d656d7feae64198bc5fb1b02786ed75
  • https://charts.spotify.com/charts/view/regional-global-weekly/2022-02-03
  • https://charts.youtube.com/global?hl=es
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