5 websites you should know about in 2022

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In the digital age, the Internet is characterized by being an ecosystem full of websites that offer an effective solution to a problem, question or dilemma. In this article I am going to share 5 websites that offer you innovative solutions and that you will surely add to your bookmarks in the browser.


We started talking about Axiom. It is a website that creates bots for practically anything on the internet. It’s about creating automations in the Google Chrome browser. No need to program code. Save time of your life by using bots that automatically perform repetitive actions on any web page or app.


Another very useful website is Jotform.  It allows you to create forms of all kinds. They address any issues you may have, and help you figure out features you didn’t know about. Jotform is a powerful online application that allows anyone to quickly create custom online forms. Its intuitive drag-and-drop user interface makes form creation incredibly simple and doesn’t require you to write a single line of code. With Jotform, you can create and publish forms, integrate them into your site, and receive responses via email.

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What if you are looking for free alternatives to any paid program you find on the internet? The solution is to go to opensourcealternative.  that offers a whole range of free solutions for any type of program you use without having to pay for a license. Discover more than 350 open source alternatives to proprietary SaaS (software as a service) programs.


TinyWow provides free online file conversion, pdf and other useful tools to help you solve problems of all kinds. All files, both processed and unprocessed, are deleted after 15 minutes.

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If you are a mathematician, statistician or lover of numbers in general you will love Wolframalpha. WolframAlpha defined a fundamentally new paradigm for obtaining knowledge and answers, not through web searches, but through dynamic calculations based on a vast collection of data, algorithms and integrated methods. Level of knowledge for everyone… anytime, anywhere.

The page implements many known mathematical models, methods, and algorithms; and makes it possible to compute anything that can be computed on anything.



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5 páginas webs que deberías conocer en 2022

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