August 8, 2022
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Design tools to improve your skills

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People from different cultures use web interfaces in different ways; they have different mental models for visual representations, navigation, interaction, and design, and have different communication patterns and expectations. In the context of globalization, web developers and designers have to make adaptations to suit the needs of people from different cultures. And those needs change over time.

There is no single model that can support all intercultural web communication. In this article, a review of different web pages is done with design tools. Human beings have evolved and so have their experiences. With visual aesthetics, experiences, and interfaces evolving every day, the UI/UX industry has also gained a huge boost. It’s about keeping up with trends and finding easy solutions to the ever-evolving problems of the human race.


In Design Mortals they try to solve problems. They experiment with the delicate relationship between form and function and always obtain exemplary results. It is not a school for designers but a bridge to find their way. The goal is to improve experiences when using the internet.

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Designerrs provides a safe learning space, tools and mentors for aspiring designers from around the world. They try to make design education accessible to all by providing learning experiences and training programs. Their learning pedagogy includes curricula with practical activities, live projects, gamified teaching methods.

Designboatschool, design school

In DesignBoatSchool we will find a huge collection of courses. The platform creates international standard courses for UI (user interface) and UX Design (user experience) and make a novice become a professional.

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It combines instructors with high-level industrial experience and people who demonstrated a track record of excellent knowledge and a great passion for teaching.


ImaginXP is India’s leading higher education technology organisation in future skills, offering degrees and credit certification programmes for university aspirants, and independent certification programmes for working professionals, both online and offline.

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Uxcel, free design

In 2019, Gene Kamenez wanted to find a better way to teach best practices to professional designers with little free time. He started posting animated exercises every day on Instagram and the project grew into Uxcel.

A professional development platform was created that teaches, tests and connects designers with companies looking to hire staff around the world. The Uxcel team spans the United States, Europe and Africa and is 100% remote, which in a pandemic era like the current one is very useful.

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The Workshopper website  aims to reduce noise and do meaningful and valuable work with others. The work can be inspiring and enjoyable. They deeply yearn for progress and hate settling for the status quo. They are looking for a better way to bring people together and achieve their goals (and those of their company) better, faster and happier. They want to be pioneers in this new way of working. hosts the best content to support meetings in companies with tried and tested workshop formats, useful articles and guides, interviews with well-known and respected Workshoppers, and see what they are like in the best workshop spaces in the world.

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