September 3, 2022
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7 pages to learn languages quickly

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Don’t be intimidated by the title, which I guess sounds pretty boring. In reality, languages are anything but boring. In fact, the languages are fascinating, so surely this article can be useful. Languages have their peculiarities of expression or syntax, and are full of flexibility and uniqueness.

Mastery of languages often requires a lot of study time and dedication because each language is unique. In this article I will share 7 web pages that will allow you to learn languages quickly and easily.


Babbel is a novel platform for learning a foreign language. The comprehensive learning system combines effective educational methods with state-of-the-art technology. Interactive online courses will improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in no time. You will progress fast and have fun doing it.


Another page is Busuu. Busuu gets its name from cameroon’s endangered Busuu language, spoken by only a small group of people. Learn anytime, anywhere. Even offline.

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To learn languages there are also many free websites. One of them is duolingo. Everyone learns differently. The page has a team of people who analyze how millions of people learn, to create the most effective educational system possible and adapt it to the needs of the student. The goal is for everyone to have access to a learning experience similar to a personal tutor, through technology.

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Another website is Lingvist. Lingvist is a language learning platform that offers courses that teach words in their order of relevance, that is, based on how often they are used in a given language, to reduce the time needed to learn a new language.

Open English

Open English is a 100% online English course. The methodology has 3 fundamental pillars that will help you to speak fluently in less than you expect: Unlimited live classes 24/7, lessons and finally, practices. Enjoy innovative and interactive tools, which you will not find in traditional courses. You can practice with them as many times as you want to improve different areas of your English, such as pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and much more.

Open Sesame

Online learning has never mattered more. That way everyone wherever they are can easily access the training they need to advance their purpose. OpenSesame Plus offers a subscription offer that makes training simple and cost-effective. With unlimited access to over 8500 highly qualified courses, including leadership and skills, HR compliance and security, technology and software skills, and industry-specific topics in 20 languages, you’ll have the content you need to meet the training needs of your workers or yourself.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Inc. is a division of IXL Learning that is dedicated to creating innovative digital solutions for language learning and drives positive learning outcomes for students inspired at home or in schools and workplaces around the world. Founded in 1992, Rosetta Stone uses cloud-based solutions to help students read, write and speak more than 30 languages, including several endangered languages.


Online teaching is becoming increasingly important. In a world that is approaching the end of a pandemic that favored the use of distance tools, English or language courses are very useful to improve your social skills. In this article I have shared several websites that teach languages. If you need to learn English, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German, etc., these pages can help you. A while ago I also wrote about websites to learn that you can see here -> Free websites to learn what you want.

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