October 4, 2022
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Chess.com launches a new zombie and chess app

chess.com checkmate or die zombies chess

One more fuel to the fire of the #chessdrama that we are living these days. Chess.com, the largest chess platform in the world has just launched a new app in which you risk your life. The game is called “Checkmate Or Die!”. Either you manage to solve a chess puzzle and checkmate, or you die eaten by zombies.

In the United States it is very important to celebrate Halloween and this game has that theme. If you like Halloween and you like chess, and besides, you don’t like to be eaten by zombies, this is your game. Zombies are famous chess players such as Ian Nepomniachtchi, Alexandra Botez or Hikaru Nakamura.

Starting the game

As is also the case in chess, time is a fundamental variable. Not only do you have to solve the puzzle but you also have to do it quickly. You can get coins as you move forward. There are obstacles that slow down your progress, try to avoid them.

The release version has an initial tutorial to start the game. The chess pieces are pretty good. At the moment the game has a total of 50 levels, which are increasing in difficulty. In the following video are the first levels.

Video release official chess.com

You can watch a video of the launch below where Daniel Reisch, CCO (chief chess officer) of Chess.com and one of its most visible faces.


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chess.com checkmate or die zombies chess
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