October 23, 2022
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Free cybersecurity courses online

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Security while browsing the internet is essential because our digital self has to navigate safely. There are many cybersecurity courses that help to have an adequate action protocol to be able to realize when there is a risk. In this article I will share several free cybersecurity courses. The courses are provided by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, a state agency of the U.S. government.

All free and non-registration courses are located at this address https://fedvte.usalearning.gov/public_fedvte.php. From that list I highlight those that I share below.

Cloud Computer Security Training Course

The first course is a course on cloud computer security. You can access the course from the following address https://fedvte.usalearning.gov/publiccourses/cloud2/cloudframe.php. The course has a guide to cloud security. It allows you to understand the models of shared responsibilities. In addition, it links traditional cybersecurity controls to popular cloud solutions.

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Cryptocurrency Course for Law Enforcement

Cryptocurrencies are being used more and more. Knowing the legislation that surrounds them is very important to ensure that we do not break any rules. Access the course from here https://fedvte.usalearning.gov/publiccourses/cryptocurrency/index.htm.

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Course to learn how to handle a ransomware attack

The course titled Don’t Wake Up to a Ransomware Attack explains how to deal with a ransomware attack, which is usually quite dangerous for businesses. You can access the course from the following address https://fedvte.usalearning.gov/publiccourses/IMR_RANS/index01.htm?track=trackingon. This course is an hour-long video.

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Cybersecurity Fundamentals Course for Managers

The course entitled Foundations of Cybersecurity for Managers lasts 2 hours and is aimed at business executives. The course can be found in https://fedvte.usalearning.gov/publiccourses/fcsm/fcsmframe.php. It is presented in the form of a video and,  in addition, each lesson has a pdf document that you can download.

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Introduction to cybersecurity intelligence

Finally, the course Introduction to Cyber Intelligence allows us to have some basic notions of cybersecurity. This course seeks to acquire, process, analyze, and disseminate information that identifies, tracks, and predicts threats, risks, and opportunities within the cyber domain to improve decision making. The course has two sections, one part in video format and then you can download the lesson in pdf format. You can access the course from here https://fedvte.usalearning.gov/publiccourses/ici/iciframe.php.

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