October 29, 2022
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MARVEL SNAP the new card game based on the Marvel universe

marvel nsap

A new card game focused on mobile devices called MARVEL SNAP has just been released. The game is based on the Marvel universe and you will find all the characters that appear in the comics and movies of this company. If you like superheroes, card games are going to be very entertaining. The first look at the game allows us to think that it will be a game that will be played many in the coming months.

Origin of the game

The game is owned by MARVEL and  is  created by SECOND DINNER STUDIOS, a small company that created games for computers and mobile devices that was born in 2018 when Ben Brode, decided to start his solo career with a project made by him. It all started on April 20, 2018 with this tweet. Ben reported that he was leaving Blizzard and was then the director of the game Hearthstone.

From that moment he began the development of his own company, Seconddinner, and already a year later he commented on it in the following tweet.

Seconddiner’s germ can be followed on the company’s YouTube channel and this video is a presentation.

Already in January 2019 he made public that they were going to make a game for Marvel and the dream came true. A small video game company was going to create a game for the giant Marvel based on its universe.

Release to the market

Second Dinner has just announced its first MARVEL SNAP game. This game is based on the Marvel universe and has its characters. There’s everybody, Spider-Man, the Avengers, the X-Men, Medusa, etc. The game is published by Nuverse for Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS. The game was released on October 18, 2022, after a period in beta development.


It is a turn-based card game. The game starts when two players are paired. Each has a deck composed of 12 cards. The charges have a cost, in the form of energy varying their value between 1 and 6, although there may be changes, with cards with negative values or cards with a cost greater than 6. The energy value is observed in the upper left corner of the chart, with a blue color. In addition, the cards have a power value, which is in the opposite corner.


Each move ends when players have or have not placed a card or several in any of the 3 locations of the game. The limit of each move is the energy value that changes from move 1 to 6, going up each turn. Locations are the entrance to a different world with different effects. In turn 1 location 1 is revealed, in turn 2 location 2 and in turn 3 the last. The game ends after turn 6 (or seven if any location says there is one more turn) and the player who has won the most locations win based on the power each player has in each location.

There are skills in each card such as:

  • Having no ability. The basic letter has no ability.
  • Ability to reveal the card. When a card appears for the first time, its ability is shown, only once per game.
  • Ability to discard. The card or deck gains something if that card is discarded, disappears from the game.
  • Ability to move. A letter can be moved to other locations.
  • Ability to destroy.
  • Continuous, is a skill that lasts the whole game.

In addition, another feature of the game is that one player, or both, can do SNAP, which consists of betting more points in a game. There is the possibility of abandoning the game (especially if your opponent makes you SNAP and you know you are going to lose), which makes them very fast and very agile.

Starting trailer

The same director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury has been informed of the launch of the game and has not been very funny since he has been removed from his position by someone you know.

Como descargarlo

Now it’s your move, download the game from https://bit.ly/3EQF4GU if you use computer. This QR code will be taken to your device’s app store. Marvel Snap’s official Youtube channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgsbO683Z1-_FknDdKmyrMA.


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