March 6, 2023
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Remove outdated content from Google and other websites

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The Internet is in a continuous state of assembly and disassembly. Removing outdated content is very important because it is material that is no longer interesting, outdated and can cause you a problem. This content may be used by companies that claim images that are under copyright. They are now, but not a few years ago, where those images were for public use and were shared on many pages.

In this article I will comment on how to remove content from the main Internet search engines starting with the most used, Google. This content will no longer be available in searches, but a copy may remain in the search engine cache or on pages like, which save snapshots of websites. For this case, I also comment on how to contact to remove those saved copies from your website.

Remove content on Google

In the case of removing content from Google, the tool only works with pages or images that have already been modified or removed from the web.

If you want to remove outdated content from Google search, you need to use Google’s tool called “Remove outdated content” in the Search Console dashboard. With this tool, you can ask Google to temporarily remove a page or image from search results, as long as it meets certain requirements.

To use this tool, you need to sign in with a Google Account and enter the URL of the page or image you want to remove. You can also view the status of your previous requests and cancel them if you change your mind.

To remove personal information or content with legal problems that is still present on a page, submit a legal request. Learn more here.

Remove content on Bing

If you want to remove content from the Bing search engine, there are several options depending on the type of content and who posted it. Bing  does not control what content websites publish or appears in Bing search results. Therefore, it is best to contact the administrator of the website that published the content and ask them to remove or remove it.

If the content has already been removed from the website but still appears in Bing results, you can ask Bing to block it using this form. You can also report any type of internet content that you consider inappropriate or illegal through this link.

If you’re the website owner and want Bing to remove pages that are already linked, you need to use Bing Webmaster Tools. Bing has two tools for this purpose:

  • URL blocking: With this tool, you can block a URL of yours that doesn’t appear in Bing search results for a period of 90 days.
  • Remove content: It serves to eliminate URLs that point to your site but no longer exist and that give a 404 error or content stored in the search engine cache.

To use these tools, you need to sign up for Bing for Webmasters and verify ownership of your site.

Remove from the Yandex search engine

If you want to remove content from the Yandex search engine, you have to create an account in  and follow these steps:

  • Launch Yandex and click on the small icon that is just to the right of your profile picture.
  • Select the DELETE URL option and confirm the action.

Remove from

The Wayback Machine is a non-profit project funded by the Internet Archive to preserve a historical record of the Internet for research purposes and broad public benefit. In this case the process is a little longer. We have to submit a form requesting to remove the content. You will then receive an email from to better review and help with this URL related request. You have to follow the steps below:

  1. STEP 1: List each URL/PATH you want to exclude, the property period, and the period you want to exclude. If the WHOIS public lookup list for the domain/website shows that the most recent registration date is later than the period you wish to exclude, we may request a prior ownership verification in addition to any current ownership verification.)
  2. STEP 2: Select and follow the appropriate sections below for the URLs you wish to exclude from Wayback Machine.

It is important that know that you are indeed the owner of the website and for those you want a series of actions such as:

  • Adds a text file with your request to the website’s root directory (for example, site) or DNS records.
  • If a primary email contact is identified on your website, you need to send them the request from that address, including a link to the place on the website where the contact is listed.
  • If the registrant’s email can be publicly viewed on a WHOIS lookup list, you need to send an email from that address (and a link to the WHOIS public lookup list where it is displayed).
  • If your personal information (full name, point of contact, verifiable image of yourself) appears on the website in a way that identifies you as the owner, you must send them a scan of a valid photo ID that contains the same unique personal information (other sensitive information such as date of birth, physical address, or phone number may be redacted).
  • It is also necessary to send the invoices/receipts of the registration/renewal of the domain/website, addressed to you as the owner and dated according to the files that the exclusion has been requested (the files must make specific reference to the domain/website).


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