June 19, 2023
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Importance of vectorizing your logo

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If you’re about to launch a digital business, it’s critical that you have a good brand identity. To do this, creating a vectorizing logo is one of the first steps you must take. Even if you’re a graphic designer just starting your career, creating a vectorized logo is a basic tool that powers your business.

There are many options for creating modern logos for free, such as programs or pages that promise to do all the work for you. But are they really effective? Do they help your business in the long run? If you have doubts between using platforms like Canva or downloading a program to make logos, we will tell you which recipe will give you the best result. As a spoiler, we anticipate that the perfect combination will be to never lose your own style and choose the tool that best suits your needs.

In this article you will find all the alternatives and the necessary steps to make a vectorized logo. Notes!.


A vectorized logo is one that can be enlarged and reduced without losing quality. This is because it is made up of vectors, which are lines and geometric shapes that can be scaled without being pixelated or losing definition.

Vectors are a series of points connected by mathematical lines and curves that can be stretched or shrunk without losing quality. Therefore, a vectorized logo is a digital image composed of independent geometric objects (segments, polygons, among others) that are created with a computer using mathematical equations. Each element is defined by attributes such as height, width, radius, color, visibility, etc.

In short, a vectorized logo is a digital image that can be scaled without losing quality thanks to the fact that it is formed by vectors. This makes it ideal for use in different sizes and formats.

Online pages to create vectorizing logos

Here I present 5 pages to create vectorizing logos:

  1. Method Draw: is a web service with which you can create vectorized logos for free from scratch. You can try it to warm up in the world of illustration.
  2. Inkscape: is an alternative to Illustrator with an interface and features that will make you not miss this program. It does allow you to convert PNG images into vectors and is available in Spanish, so you can quietly create vectorized logos in it.
  3. Turbologo: offers a bunch of ideas for creating free vector logos. Select from customizable templates and unleash your inspirations to develop a free vector logo design that meets your needs.
  4. Canva: With the drag and drop tool, designing your logo is simple. Explore through millions of icons, images, stickers and vectors. Add a special touch with tools to rotate the image, apply a filter and even animate it!
  5. Free Logo Design: customize your logo easily and for free with the FreeLogoDesign logo creation tool. Add text and icons, and change fonts, colors, and shapes to create a unique, unique logo.
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