June 7, 2024
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The match that everyone expects CLASH OF CLAIMS: Vladimir Kramnik vs José Martínez Alcántara

vladimir kramnik josé martínez alcántara

The world of chess has lived through countless controversies in recent months. One of the most shocking has been the one developed by Vladimir Kramnik, former World Chess Champion who has accused many online chess players of cheating only by providing the precision values ​​of their game, including José Martínez Alcántara. Precision in chess is a variable that measures the percentage of success that a player has in making the move recommended by the machine (a software that evaluates moves in chess). The higher this percentage is, the more perfect the game has been. Values ​​of more than 90% indicate that you have played a practically perfect game.

One of the players that Kramnik has directly targeted for cheating online is the Peruvian GM, now with the Mexican flag, José Martínez Alcántara. In an unexpected turn of events David Martínez (Divis) interacted with both on Twitter and has managed to organize a confrontation that will be held in Madrid from June 7 to 9 at the Casino Gran Vía de Madrid.

For the development of the event, which will have exceptional anti-cheating measures, 36 Blitz games will be played with a rhythm of 3 minutes plus a 2-second increment per move. Every day 12 games will be played: six on a physical board, one in front of the other, and six online through the Chess.com platform, each player with his computer and surrounded by cameras and referees who check that everything is played correctly. clean.

Event organization

The entire event has been developed from the idea of ​​David Martínez, International Chess Master, and also José Cuenca, Chess Grandmaster, known for his live shows in which he becomes a chatty sports commentator.

This event has a very high cost to carry out since they only have one sponsor and that is why a money collection has been organized that you can help from https://gofund.me/9b64c9de.

In addition, one of the best-known chess content creators in the world, Levy Rozman, alias Gotham Chess, has joined the event and will broadcast the games in English on his social networks.

Uncertain outcome

It is very uncertain what the result will be. The most likely thing is that José Martínez Alcántara will win the event in the online games section and that Vladimir will win in the face-to-face board games.

José Martínez is an expert in online gaming, being one of the players who has played the most games on the chess.com platform. However, Vladimir Kramnik is a former World Champion and no one doubts his chess strength despite his age. He may no longer have the strength of 20 years ago but he is going to be a rival who is going to test the level that José Martínez currently has.

It is the clash of two generations, one analog-digital (Vladimir Kramnik) and another totally digital (José Martínez). The skill and the amazing way of playing the time constraints that José has, compared to the power of a world chess champion.

Event information from Vladimir Kramnik and José Martínez Alcántara

You can find more information in the following videos.

vladimir kramnik josé martínez alcántara
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