Tools to improve the design of your website

In this article I will introduce a number of tools to improve the user experience or user interface of your website. These are resources for designers and applications that you can use on your website and improve the design of it. Photography websites​ Pexels offers completely free and high quality stock photos, subject to […]


How to change the color of menus in a template

This article will explain how to change the font color in a WordPress template using a browser’s Item inspector. For this change it will not be necessary to install any plugins. You will modify the code in the template that is used in WordPress and it will be a manual change. You don’t need to […]

Color Design

Understanding and meaning of color in design

Color is the perceptible characteristic of light; light is energy, so color is a form of energy. In 1666 Isaac Newton  discovered that sunlight is a mixture of colors when he noticed that when a ray of light passed through a prism it dispersed in its seven constituent colors:  red,  orange,  yellow,  green,  blue,  indigo […]