Why is it so hard to unsubscribe from a website

Many times we unsubscribe on a website but do not usually unsubscribe. This means that we may be the victims of a leak of our email address since the means of registering on that page is precisely our email address that can subsequently be compromised. And that’s when you start looking for a way to […]


What is your value to Facebook

Would you like to know the money you’re generating for Facebook? If something is free you are the product. We can have the idea of Facebook as a social network of contacts. Where we can interact with our friends, upload photos, share links, etc. But in the background it is a great mountain of data […]


Chose how to browse the web

When we browse the Internet we leave a “breadcrumbs” in the form of cookies or other files. There are many companies that collect them to provide us with a better interaction with the network while you surf the web. You use Google for information about such football, then any page you visit will find advertising […]