Check an url searching for virus

As we browse the Internet we face myriad risks. These risks are minimized if we have healthy browsing habits ourselves. Not clicking on links, url address,other than https is usually a good idea. Or don’t click on online surveys that give you money for your time. It’s never money for your time, it’s always money […]

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Tools to improve your SEO

Today the success of a website on the Internet comes in part by the use of tools called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO  is the process of building a website with the right parameters that allows internet search engines to index it. You’re looking to increase the visibility of it and improve your SEO. Each search […]


How to recognize an image using google

Sometimes it happens that we see an image and do not know exactly what it refers to. Google images allow you to recognize that image and tell us exactly what it is. First we go to the Google images page: The image we’re going to track comes from a twitter account, this one: We […]