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How train Chess as you train to play Soccer (1)

battle black board board game
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In Spain the king sport is football. Thousands of children play this sport every day in schools, on weekends, are federated, play in clubs, etc. The only sport that has a king, a true king, however  is chess. This article (and successive) explains how to train chess to children as if it were a football training.

I’ll explain how the pieces move and a task that can be done in class for students to learn the movement of these pieces. These tasks will be equivalent to touching the ball performed by football players. In training a professional footballer at least 10-15 people spend  their time touching the ball. Chess is the equivalent of moving the piece, making a move.

Here are some silver homework so you can practice with students in class. Explaining a concept explains how it is done by a task.

Kicking a ball in front of moving the pieces

The rules of chess are taught on the first day of school. In football they teach you the ball that day, tell you what the dimensions of the field are, what are the rules, what are the positions etc..

All the pieces in chess have rules of movement that cannot be exchanged. The bishops move diagonally, the towers in rows and columns, the L-shaped horses, the queen in all directions, as well as the king, but the latter only 1 in 1 square except when performing the redness. Pawns move forward and capture to the side if there is a rival piece.

I was thinking about how I could get the children to machine the movement of the pieces. Seeing a football team train, I came up with a way to bring that to the chess I present in this article and following. Training chess is very important in the initial learning of a future chess player.

Any player devotes much of that training to touching the ball. They’re 10-15 minutes playing the ball, passing the ball to a teammate, receiving, passing the ball again, they’re continually kicking a ball.

How can we take that to Chess? We’re going to imagine that touching the ball is equivalent to touching a piece, and kicking a ball is making a chess move. Training chess is mechanizing plays.

First move or move, starting to train chess

In this image you can see the possible start plays of a chess game. Pawns move one or two squares, and horses can also move from their exit box because they jump.


How a pawn moves

The pawn is the soul of chess. It’s the infantry, the soldiers trying to get into enemy terrain.

battle black blur board game

The pawn always moves forward and captures an enemy piece diagonally into the enemy field. You can’t jump on the pieces on the same side. He can’t turn around either, he can’t move backwards. From your starting position, the second row, you can advance 1 or 2 squares. If a pawn is able to reach the 8 row it is crowned, that is, it can change shape and can take the form of a horse, a bishop, a tower or a lady. He can never become king, because there is only one king.


On an empty board with only one pawn, ask your students to move it in column “a” to the coronation box. With the same pawn you put it in column “b” and do the same. And so with all the columns. Repeat that exercise with all columns a total of 5 times.

Automatism performed:

  • 6 pawn movements in a column
  • 8 columns.
  • Repeated 5 times.

Total moves made: 7 x 8 x 5 x  280  moves.

Flash game

Ask students to do so as quickly as possible and measure the time it takes each to complete all 280 moves. Give an award to those who are the top 3.

Lazy game

Now ask students to do the same exercise but  in slow motion.

How a bishop moves

The bishop would be the equivalent of archers. They attack long distances with arrows or other sharp objects. Their power lies in that they cut the rival territory like knives.

metal chess pieces on board in room

The way to move a bishop is diagonally and over long distances. Capture a piece of the opponent taking his place. You can’t skip the pieces on the same side. You can move in all allowed directions.


On an empty board only with a bishop ask your students to move it diagonally “a1-h8” round trip(14 moves). Now place the bishop in a2 and perform the same operation. In this case you will be able to move in 2 diagonals, a2-g8 and a2-b1 (14 moves). Perform successively by changing the starting point in column a, from a1 to a8. Repeat this exercise with all other columns a total of 3 times.

Set of 100 meters

With a stopwatch, ask students to do the exercise and in a 1-minute time measure which student is the fastest. They have to start at a1, go up column a and then switch to column b. The one in the column and the largest number wins.

Game the tennis bishop

On the same board, put a student in front of another student. One that starts with a bishop in a1 and the other a8 with a black bishop. The student with bishop a1 can only use the black boxes. The student with the bishop in a8 can only use the white boxes. Before

Game the great wall and small wall

This time we ask students to do the same as in task 2, move a bishop from a1 but  this time we put pieces in the middle. If it is a piece of the same color the bishop cannot skip that piece (the great wall). But if it is a piece of another color the capture and continues forward (the murallite).

Example will be this video

Summary of train chess

Over the next few days I am going to upload articles on how to train chess as if it were soccer. In this first chapter we talk about the pawn and bishops and how you can train with them.

If you are a chess monitor and you carry out what I just put, please I would love for you to leave a comment to know how you have done and thus enrich this article. You can also contribute your own ideas. Thanks.

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