August 2, 2021
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Old news that is published as new

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It is surprising how much old news is continually being shared as if it were current. This happens when the information is not contrasted and is only shared regardless of the story behind the news.

This old news is shared today, and many people share them thinking that they are from now, from today, but they happened several years ago and went unnoticed (or not) by the person who shared that news. Possibly the person who share this news is looking for LIKES because this news are viral.

The old news of a chess player

As I am a chess fan, I am usually struck by a news that is continuously published in several social networks where Anna Muzychuk is talked about. Anna is a Ukrainian Chess Grandmaster although from 2004 to 2014 she played for Slovenia.

This is because:

  • The news is undated.
  • The news speaks of countries where women are not respected.
  • There is talk of gender equality.
  • The same photograph is always used, and the message is very similar. The parsona you share uses a copy + paste.
  • The chess player is very attractive.

I will share the last time I saw this news on a social network, it was this week on Linkedin:

old news anna muzychuk

But a simple search on google allows you to see that it is a very shared news and even on the first page of results you can see that the news is published in 2021, being a news of 2017.

Another example of what is being shared is this image which is an undated screenshot that I’ve seen on Twitter.

Where the news comes from

In December 2017 Anna Muzychuk she announced that he was going to boycott the World Fast Chess Championship, to be held in Saudi Arabia, due to Saudi Arabia’s rules regarding women. On his Facebook page he commented:

In a few days I’m going to lose two World Champion titles. Just because I decided not to go to Saudi Arabia. Not playing by someone’s rules, not using abaya, not being accompanied to go out and, together, not feeling like a secondary creature.

The news was applauded by everyone at the time and as respectable is his stance as that of the rest of the players who decided to play under those conditions. We are free, at least in some countries, to do what we want to respect others.

Triple chess champion

The news that is shared does not mention that in addition to her sister Mariya Muzychuk did not go to Saudi Arabia either. In addition, the news comments that Anna is a triple chess champion. It is not very clear what she is a champion of. In chess there are several world champions in different modalities. If we talk about classical chess Anna was never world champion. Yes, it was his sister Mariya Muzychuk in 2015.

Therefore, it must be that she was a champion in other varieties of chess, fast chess. Fast chess is subdivided according to time controls, into fast chess, blitz chess, and bullet chess. And this is where Anna Muzychuk was effectively champion three times. Specifically in 2014 and 2016 he won the blitz world chess championship and in 2016 the fast chess world championship.

The importance of contrasting the news

It’s great that news is shared. But it would be nice if it were mentioned that the news is from a specific date. And if you also look for more information so as not to create part-false news, that would be great.

Everyone who shares in 2021 has read it somewhere. It is very topical news because it talks about equality between men and women and about countries that today still treat women differently from how men are treated. It is shared that she has been a triple champion and it is so because when it is shared you have read somewhere that information, but it is not said what you have been champion of.

What to do to avoid this type of news

There are several things we can do to avoid this kind of old news:

  • Temporarily limit the news. Say it’s 2017 so that whoever reads it knows.
  • Bother looking for more information and not copy and paste something in seconds because you like the message without reading more information. As beautiful as it seems a story to share and win LIKES try to spend a few seconds to contrast the news and read more about it.
  • As it is old news that is published today, it may be that history has changed. For example, it may be that Anna will be world champion again, and she would no longer be three times champion but four times. The person who copies and pastes is spreading information that is not entirely correct.
  • And finally, ask yourself this question: if you know that the news is from 2017, would you share it?

The message that this story conveys is very current and should be shared, but if you do, bother to comment on what date the story is and do not just copy and paste.


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