March 26, 2022
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How to create a logo for your brand using artificial intelligence

logo marca brand

If you are interested in launching a new project that includes a distinctive brand name, there are many simple tools on the internet that allow you to create everything you need in a few steps. In marketing, there are already quite a few tools that allow you to create a lot in a very short time.

There’s a quote from Larry Page, one of Google’s founders, who says, “Artificial intelligence (AI) will be the ultimate version of Google. The ultimate search engine that would comprise everything on the web. He would understand exactly what you want and give you the right thing.” The size of the global artificial intelligence market will grow from 93.53 billion in 2021 to 997 billion in 2028. That’s almost a trillion dollars.

Artificial intelligence in design

Using AI you can now design custom logos, optimize your paid advertising campaigns, help write great content and many other interesting things. But most people aren’t familiar with these technologies, and they still spend a lot of manual time doing things that can already be automated. This article is going to present one of those web pages that through AI allows you to create logos. The website is You have a demo at this address.

It all starts at the CREATE MY LOGO button.

create my logo

Choosing the brand name and slogan

The first step when accessing the page is to tell it what is the name of your brand and the slogan. As a recommendation he tells us that the best brand names are short names, easily rememberable and prepared for Google.

brand name

Your brand ‘s distinctive colors

Once done, it generates a collection of several examples that you will be able to choose. If you access one in particular, you get more information such as, for example, the merchandising and the code of the colors that the brand will use.

brand colors

Purchase of your product

Once you have chosen the design of your brand you can buy the product and there are three modalities:

  • Basic. The price is about 25 dollars and only includes the logo in PNG format.
  • Designer. It includes the logo in PNG as well as business cards, graphics for social networks, presentations, envelope with the logo, etc.
  • Enterprise. It includes all of the above and adds more personalized supervision by the website’s creative team.
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logo marca brand
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