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Creating impactful and memorable business names is essential to standing out in the competitive business world. In this article, you’ll discover tips and strategies for developing a unique and attractive name that captures the essence of your brand. We’ll explore the power of keywords, creativity, and emotional connection with your audience. In addition, you will learn about tools based on artificial intelligence that can help you generate original and available business names. You’ll learn how to leverage your brand’s personality, consider domain pronunciation and availability, and assess the legal viability of your choice. Get ready to create an impactful business name and take your brand to the next level.

List of pages that generate trade names

Here are some websites that can help you create business names for your new business:

  1. Shopify Business Name Generator ( This tool allows you to generate creative and available business names for your business. You just must enter a keyword and the platform will generate a list of related names.
  2. NameMesh ( NameMesh is a tool that generates a variety of business names based on keywords. You can explore different categories, such as short names, keyword mixes, and brand names.
  3. Wordoid ( Wordoid is a useful tool for creating unique and attractive business names. You can set certain criteria, such as name length, language, and sound quality, to get personalized results.
  4. Naminum ( Naminum helps you generate available business and domain names. You just must enter one or two keywords related to your business and the platform will generate several combinations of names.
  5. Panabee ( Panabee is a name generation tool that shows you possible keyword combinations. It also gives you options for related domain names and checks their availability.
  6. Oberlo Business Name Generator ( This tool allows you to generate attractive and available business names for your business. You just must enter a keyword and the platform will generate a list of related names.

Remember that creating an effective business name involves considering your business identity, your target audience, and your brand goals.

Pages that use artificial intelligence

There are some online tools and services that could use artificial intelligence techniques in their algorithms to generate business names. Here are some options:

  1. Brandmark ( Brandmark uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate custom business names and logo designs. It provides an interactive experience and guides you through the process of creating a business name and visual identity for your business.
  2. NameRobot AI ( NameRobot is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to help you create business names. You can use its “AI Naming Assistant” feature to generate keyword-based names and get creative suggestions.

An example of how to create a business name

Namelix generates short, catchy names with a state-of-the-art funnel language model. Decide whether to prioritize a shorter name, one that has a specific keyword, or a domain extension. The algorithm learns from the names you like, giving you better recommendations over time.

We are going to use three keywords related to selling furniture online, since we are going to create an imaginary store to test how it works. The words are:

  1. “Furniture”: This keyword covers a wide range of furniture, from sofas and tables to chairs and bookshelves.
  2. “Deco”: This shortened term of “decoration” is popular in the world of interior design and can evoke a sense of style and trend.
  3. “E-Furniture”: By combining “e” for “electronic” and “furniture”, this keyword suggests selling furniture online.

Remember that these keywords are just suggestions, and you can use them as a starting point to create a business name that reflects the identity and purpose of your online furniture business.

After clicking on GENERATE we can select a style name. In this case AUTO is used.

nombres comerciales commercial names business names

Now the name is chosen, and it can be random and generate more ideas.

commercial names

Finally, we are shown the information of the brand and we can choose a description.

mueble furniture

This would be the result:

portada mueble


Remember that, although these tools use artificial intelligence, the generation of business names is still a subjective and creative process. It is always important to use your judgment and consider other factors relevant to your business when selecting a name.

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