July 31, 2020
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Chose how to browse the web


When we browse the Internet we leave a “breadcrumbs” in the form of cookies or other files. There are many companies that collect them to provide us with a better interaction with the network while you surf the web.

You use Google for information about such football, then any page you visit will find advertising related to that search.

If you want to be able to choose which company you want to collect your data use the YOURONLINECHOICES.


The companies listed are some of the providers that work with web pages to collect and process information. They conduct compartment marketing campaigns.

We can choose whether we accept all or decline all of them. If you decline all these companies does not mean that we will stop seeing advertising when visiting websites. That advertising will not have to do with your search preferences.

Most websites that profit using advertising use what are called partners  or partners. For example, when you access a web page that you didn’t visit earlier, a floating window appears to ACCEPT or view those  partners.

If you click on SEE PARTNERS you will see a list of companies. The same as the one you saw on the page that I previously shared, that perform analysis of your browsing preferences. For  example I just visited a page and I get this:


If we go to any of those partners,I have chosen 33ACROSS (https://www.33across.co.uk). I see that it is a company that tries to attract the attention of users browsing websites providing them with ads relevant to them. The same thing this company does is the rest of us. If we go to the page https://www.33across.co.uk/about-us/ to know more about them they tell us:

33Across is a technology company focused on solving the challenge of consumer care for an era of automated advertising. Our attention platforma is the first programmatic solution to unify high-impact creatives, quality delivery, and a true technology-driven scale. BGrands can now offer audience engagement, while 33Across publishers benefic from the ability to generate more revenue for each ad placement, resulting in greater efficiency and better consumer experience.

In short, these partners or partners intend to offer you advertising that is very relevant to you and both these companies and the company that offers the ads gets money if you click on that advertising.


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