February 20, 2022
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Collection of the best variants of Wordle on the net

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The game of the year 2022 is called Wordle. On this website we talk about it in the article Wordle – The new viral internet game. It has recently been acquired by the New York Times. The operation is simple, you have to guess a word in six attempts. Each attempt you have to type five letters and click on the send button. After each attempt, the color of the tiles tells you if you have placed the letter correctly, if you have placed it correctly but in another position, or if the letter n is in the word sought.

In internet there are very entertaining variants of the game, which take the idea of adding letters or movements, with a defined number of attempts and indicates the successes and failures. In this article I collect some excellent variants of Wordle.


Wordle about chess you will find it here – > http://jackli.gg/chessle. You have to guess the entire sequence of an opening, for both the white pieces and the black pieces. The hit and miss colors are the same as the original game, that is:

  • Green means that you have correctly placed the play in the opening sequence.
  • Yellow means the play has been played in the sequence, but it is in another move.
  • Grey means that the play has not been played for either the white player or the black player.

You have 6 attempts. The normal mode is 3 plays for the player of white pieces and another 3 for the player of black pieces. The expert mode is 5 plays for each player. Example:


The answer was: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 Nf6Ruy Lopez Opening: Berlin Defense.

chessle ajedrez chess


If you like geography you will surely love the Wordle version using the terrestrial globe. Every day, there is a mysterious new country. The goal is to guess the mysterious country using the least number of attempts. Each wrong attempt will appear on the globe with a color that indicates how close you are to the mysterious country. Access the game from here -> https://globle-game.com/.

For example, if the mysterious country is Japan, and you choose a country that is very far away it will be shown in light color, but if the country you have written is very close it will appear in deep red. For example, today the mysterious country is Greece.



Perhaps this is the most complicated variant. It is a Wordle game for the SHA256 string. http://rsk0315.github.io/playground/pas. It is a hash function and you have to discover the original word. You type a word and the result you see on the screen is a SHA256 hash function with a fixed number of characters.



In the Squabble variant you play with several people at once and you must guess the word in the same way. Whoever takes less time to solve it wins. Squabble: Multiplayer, or Wordle battle royale you’ll find it here -> http://squabble.me



Squirdle challenges fans of the Pokemon series to guess the mysterious monster among 898 options (excluding regional variants and megaevolutions). Players are given eight tries and given clues about the type, height, weight of the Pokemon, and which of the eight generations of games it comes from. While there is a daily puzzle available for those who want to share the results with their friends, Squirdle fans can also choose to play as many rounds as they want. Access the game from here -> https://squirdle.fireblend.com/daily.

squirle pokemon

Wordle de países

In this case you must guess a country according to its silhouette. You have six attempts and in each of the ones you fail it will tell you how far the country you have put is from the one you are looking for, as well as if it is to the north, south, east or west. In case you do not guess the country at the end it will show you a link to Google Maps, so you know what country it is.

wordle countries paises

What about you? Do you know any other versions of Wordle to add to this article?

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