GenMo, generate images and videos using artificial intelligence

July 12, 2023

GenMo is a creative, multimodal chatbot that not only takes images as input, but also generates and EDITS images and videos. Unlike Midjourney, Genmo is an interactive assistant  capable of soliciting your feedback and iterating, using your favorite programming language, English. To enter the commands, the prompt, it is appropriate to use English and the results are very surprising.

AI-Powered Text Generation, also known as GenMo, is a revolutionary technology that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to create texts automatically. This technique relies on machine learning and natural language processing to generate coherent and compelling content.

Like, the page is free to use and you consume tokens, in this case called fuel. In this article I will discuss how to get images and videos generated by artificial intelligence. The cover of this article is made with this website. The content shown is for all audiences, there is no NSFW content or violent generations. Genmo Chat is still in beta.

Creating images

We are going to create breakfast images and also videos. To generate images you just have to ask the Genmo chat. I used the following prompt to get several images  of a breakfast table with its cups of coffee and pastries: generate a bunch of photo of a breakfast table with cup of coffee and croissants. This is the result:


The images can be downloaded and an example is as follows:


Creating videos from known results

The results obtained can also have an output in video format. The result is an animated file with the extension mp4. Furthermore, it is possible to create 3D objects and animate them by creating a .gif document. With the previous indications, GenMo created several videos and some were not animated and even another had a croissant that looked like a cafeteria, because coffee was falling from it. The process, in this boom of this type of artificial intelligence applications, can be improved.


In today’s world, artificial intelligence is not only limited to text generation, but can also be employed to create stunning images and videos. There are various online tools and platforms that allow users to generate high-quality visual content using advanced AI algorithms.

GenMo and similar platforms are prominent examples of how artificial intelligence has advanced in the automatic generation of text, images, and videos. These technologies offer new creative opportunities and practical applications in fields such as writing, marketing and design.

As AI continues to evolve, we can expect even more advancements in content generation driven by intelligent algorithms. These tools have the potential to facilitate and streamline content creation, opening up a range of possibilities for creativity and productivity in various fields.

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