January 13, 2024
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How to Replace Text in an Image Using Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

If you’ve used artificial intelligence to create images with text, you may have noticed that sometimes the creation process isn’t accurate. There are several ways to modify this text and the following is one of them. It’s using the Storia Lab page.

In this tutorial, I explain how you can replace and edit text in an image with the free AI tool called Textify AI. This tool works by credits and you have the possibility to create 10 images for free or sign up for a premium package.

Use Textify to create text with artificial intelligence

The tool to use is Textify. You upload an image that you want to change the text, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the result of an artificial intelligence image generation page. Now with the mouse you select the area you want to edit the text and then type the text you want.

There are various tools like generating images, cleaning images, replacing objects, removing background from an image, creating image variations, etc.

The following example shows an image generated by Midjourney and the result of replacing the text with two other words.

inteligencia artificial

In the following example, an image of a dinosaur has been chosen and the text has been changed after clicking on the APPLY button:

inteligencia artificial

How to use and prices of this artificial intelligence tool

In the same way, it offers the possibilities to create an account and have 10 free credits every day. Prices as of January 2024 are as follows:

inteligencia artificial


Computer imaging is a fascinating field that combines creativity and technology. Using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, digital artists and designers can bring imaginary worlds, jaw-dropping characters, and surreal landscapes to life. From simulating textures to manipulating light, computer graphics enable the creation of visually stunning scenes. With the rise of artificial intelligence, automatic image generation becomes even more sophisticated, delivering realistic and exhilarating results. This fusion of art and science drives innovation in fields such as film, video games, and virtual reality.

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