December 28, 2023
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How to find sitemap in one website


Most websites are focused on being indexed by search engines. As it is a process over which there is no control on the part of the person in charge of the website, it depends on a robot that surfs the net, many times it is necessary to facilitate the work of that robot in some way. It is for this reason that it is extremely important for a website to have a sitemap, where all the URLs of the website are so that it can be crawled and indexed efficiently.

Finding a sitemap on a web page can be helpful in understanding the structure of the site and making it easier for search engines to index. Here are several ways to find it on a web page

Verification in the robots.txt file

Many times, websites include a link to the sitemap in the robots.txt file. You can check the robots.txt by going to and looking for references to the sitemap. This file is text-based, i.e. plain text, and can be downloaded. In addition, you can find information about . See  Google Dorks or how to use Google to hack for more information.

Manual URL Browsing

Try to go directly to the sitemap by typing the full URL into your browser. For example, or

Website Browsers

Use online tools or browser extensions that scan websites and display the structure of the site, including links to sitemaps if available.

Search the Source Code

Examine the source code of the web page (you can do this by right-clicking on the page and selecting “View Source” or “Inspect Element” in your browser) for references to the sitemap. Sometimes, websites include a link it in the <head> section of the HTML file. Look for things like <link rel=”sitemap” href=”URL_del_sitemap”>.

<link rel="sitemap" href="">

Check in the Developer Console

Use your browser’s developer tools to look for a link to the sitemap in the “Network” tab or in the “Elements” section.

Exploration with SEO Tools:

SEO tools like Screaming Frog or SEMrush can help you identify the existence and provide the corresponding link.

Review the Website Site Map:

Some websites have a specific section, such as “Sitemap”, where they provide links to their sitemaps. Look for links to this section in the footer or navigation bar.


Keep in mind that the presence of a sitemap can vary depending on the design and configuration of the website, and some sites may choose not to make their sitemaps public.

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