October 17, 2020
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Why watches ads show the same time


I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but watch ads are always marked at the same time. That time is 10:10. It’s not a coincidence. It’s perhaps the best way to show the hands of a watches. Neither of the two time-marking needles overlaps or one cap to the other.

The watches shows a more pleasant balance and appearance for our eyes, which causes looking at that hour to exert a more relaxing power. A 10-minute separation already makes it clear to distinguish the two needles. Also put the hands in that position the watch mark is clearly visible, there is nothing that covers it.

The important thing is to show the mark of the watches

There would be no point in advertising where the brand name was not seen. Also this time 10:10, contains the two binary numbers, 1 and 0. On the other hand also on the internet it is suggested that this is a strategy to show a person with open arms showing a degree of satisfaction or happiness. Also related to this last point is said to be a marketing strategy. This is a subliminal message that leads us to the idea of victory. Unconsciously we associate the shape or letter V with victory. The message he tells us is… you’ll succeed in your life if you buy or wear this ad watch. 


There are other coincidences that I am sure pass you as for example always look at the clock and that the same time appears to you. For example, people who see the clock at 9:11, or my case I usually see the clock at 13:02 (the date of my birth). Has it happened to you too? What time?.

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