October 30, 2021
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5 pages to create color palette in 2021

colors colores palette

The choiceof  coloris  on a web page is fundamental. Over the years I have seen pages with color combinations that damaged cones and rods of my eyes. At the moment I have not gone blind, but I prefer not to go through those types of pages. In this article I am going to talk about several web pages that will allow you to use harmonious color palette, and that will improve the appearance of your website.

A color palette is a collection of colors that keep a harmony with each other. In the digital world it refers to the full range of colors that can be displayed on the screen of a device or other interface, or in some cases, a collection of colors and tools for use in painting and illustration programs or web design. The color palette reveals a lot about the electronic design of the device or technology and its visual capabilities for users.


The coolors website allows you to easily change color palettes with the press of a space bar. You will see 5 colors on the screen, and you have the option to block the ones you like the most, changing the rest.

Also, if you have a color in mind, you can use it through the inspector that allows you to choose the one you want. In addition, if you have a photo with beautiful nuances you can upload it to the page to extract a color palette from that photograph. Youcan modify the palette to make it warmer and more saturated. You can export the result.

One result would be as follows:

colores colors

Color in Adobe

The Adobe page also has a color wheel that you can use. It allows you to create a color harmony rule such as using analog, monochromatic, triad, complementary, complementary separation, complementary double separation, square, composites, tones or custom.

colores colors

The color wheel can be used to create a color palette, which you can save to Creative Cloud after signing in.


With Colllor it  is very easy to generate a consistent web color palette with just a few clicks. Colors can be used consistently, so that they have a common look and feel throughout the design. All the alternative proposals produced by Colllor derive from the same color and all have a common denominator sharing values of tonality, luminosity, or saturation.

colores colors

Material Pallete

On the Material Palette  page, two colors are chosen, and you can generate a color palette using those two colors. You can choose the primary color, colors for text, secondary text, split color, accent color, etc.

colores colors


On the Brandcolors website you will find the largest collection of official brand color codes. You choose a brand, and you can see the colors that define it.

colores colors

Example of what you can’t do

I will give an example of a page that I know that at the time (it no longer has those colors) caught my attention for its poor choice of colors. The first page uses 3 colors in the header: #E38568 (I don’t know what to call it), #FFFFFF (white) and #E9E9E9 (gray) as can be seen in Fig. 1.

paleta de colores
Figure 1. Header web page

What would happen if we used a different combination of colors? Well, what we would see would be something very different. For example, using the colors #546A76 (Cadet), #88A0A8 (Pewter blue) and #B4CEB3 (Cambridge blue) a totally different result is obtained as can be seen in Fig. 2. This color palette has been used.

Figure 2. Using a color palette

The first figure uses 3 meaningless colors, without any order, however, randomly chosen colors, however, the second uses colors that come from a palette and that keep a harmony.

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