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How to contact the webmaster of a web

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There are many reasons to remove a web page from Google searches or any other search engine. However, even deleting the result of a search this does not mean that the page ceases to exist, since it has been deleted in a listing, but it will still exist on the server that hosts the page’s website. To remove the content of a web page or modify it it will be necessary to contact the webmaster of the page. There are several ways and in this article, they are discussed.

Fill in the Contact form to contact with webmaster

It’s the simplest. It does not require any search except to be on the web page to which you request that a content be deleted or changed. It is usually filling out a form that is read by the website administrator.

contact form webmaster
Figure 1. Contact form

Check who owns the website

You can perform a Whois search (who is it?) of the site owner. On Apple Mac devices you can open a terminal and then type “whois domain.com” and that data is displayed. It must be said that the first lines refer to the database that is used to make the query in this case The IANA WHOISService. Use the WHOIS protocol at gate 43. Port 43 is a method of communicating with the Whois app.

Among the data obtained usually comes the email address to contact the webmaster which can often be found in “Registrant’s email” or “Administrative contact” or “e-mail”.

Figure 2. Whois registration of a website with a .es domain

Contact the registrar that hosts the website

The Whois search result usually includes information about who hosts the website. If you can’t reach the webmaster, try contacting the site’s hosting company. It is that company, the host company of the website, ultimately that allows the page to be online.

Use social networks to contact managers or webmaster

On many occasions the website also has an account on Twitter or any other social network that you can see in the Contact area or at the bottom of the page. You can contact the administrators through these social networks.


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