November 9, 2021
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Useful apps to use on your macOS in 2021

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If you have just acquired a computer with macOS operating system you may be a little lost. This article discusses several applications that will allow you to start taking advantage of all the advantages offered by this Apple operating system.

All the applications are available in the Apple Store or they are installed on the system, so you just have to go to it and look for the application to install it on your MAC.

Amphetamine (keep the system active)

Amphetamines have been used in the past to be able to study for longer, avoiding the feeling of sleep and keeping you awake. Amphetamine  is a macOS application that can keep your Mac awake during the moments or situations that are defined. The app is highly customizable, allowing you to keep your Mac awake for a specific period or when certain conditions are met, such as a certain running app, while downloading a file, or while connecting a USB device.

This application works in a similar way, it prevents the macOS from “sleeping”. You can go to the computer settings, but this application provides you with many more options. In addition, it is a free application. Once it is installed in the taskbar an icon will appear and if you click on it you will see the options it has.

Fantastical (calendar)

The macOS operating system has a pretty good schedule. If you want to complete it with more information such as the time of your area you can install the application called Fantastical.

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Fantastical award-winning calendar and task app with features like natural language analysis, beautiful day, week, month and year views, and much more.

Focus to-do (pomodoro)

Focus to-do is another pretty useful app. Combine the Pomodoro timer with Task Management. It’s a science-based app that allows you to stay focused and achieve your goals. Focus To-Do syncs between your phone and  your computer, so you can  access  your lists anywhere.

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Homebrew (package manager for OSX)

Another very useful tool is Homebrew  that allows you to install everything you need that Apple does not install as standard on the computer. It is a way to complete the computer so that you can load  Windows  or  Linuxcontent.

Magnet (gestor de ventanas)

To manage the windows of your desktop there are many applications. One of the most useful is Magnet. It will allow you to organize the work environment.

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Omnifocus (task list)

Another app for making lists is Omnifocus. It can be used to make achievements every day. You can create projects and tasks, which you can organize with labels, focusing on what is important and you have to do today and not leave for tomorrow.

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