January 12, 2022
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Tools for creating logos online in 2022

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Logos are a representation of a brand. A corporate image of a company or person. Sometimes the design is done by graphic designers, but you can also do it yourself. Obviously the result is not going to be the same, but everything will depend on the focus of your brand. In this article I will comment on several pages that allow you to create a logo online at no cost. You can try them and then leave in comments what you thought.

Tailor Brands

The first website is Tailor Brands. Tailor Brands allows anyone to realize the business idea of their dreams, by creating a logo and brand that stands out from the crowd. The platform starts with an automated logo maker and includes a powerful toolbox, featuring websites, domains, design tools, and more, that helps users build their business from the ground up.

Create an account

The first step is to create an account. You can use a Facebook or Gmail account to get started. Do not use your personal email account. It is not usually a good idea to share that account with the internet. Always use an email account to sign up for websites. When creating the account we will arrive at a desktop in which we have the option to create a logo (Create new logo),that is the first step.

logo logotipo
Figure 1. Tailor Brands Welcome Page

Choose brand name

Next, we choose the brand name and a representative text as seen in Fig. 2.

logo logotipo
Figure 2. Choosing the name for the brand

Completing the design

You will ask us for additional information to create the logo such as the reason why you are doing it or if it is a service, original content, etc. This example will be original content. Finally, it will ask you to decide if the logo will be based on icons, on the chosen name or on the initial as seen in Fig. 3.

logo logotipo
Figure 3. Choosing the type of logo

Decide the typography and final result

The last step will be to decide which typography is going to be used and the website will do its magic and offer you several results, choosing the one you like the most as seen in Fig. 4. As you can see you create the logo for the brand, for your website, suggests a logo, you can even do merchandising, etc.

logo logotipo
Figure 4. Final result


Another page for creating logos is logaster.com. You create a corporate style instantly with Logaster Brand Maker. First you start by creating a logo and then there are other design elements that you can change below.

logo logotipo
Figure 5. logaster.com home page

Once you have chosen the name of the brand you will arrive at a page where you can see all the details that your brand name includes.

logo logotipo
Figure 6. Result of logaster.com and everything it offers

In the same way as the previous page, the merchandising of this page redirects you to another, zazzle.com, by using an api to be able to insert the content on that other page. Among the services offered by logaster.com are a customizable logo, tool for social networks, favicon, email signing, domain purchase, and merchandising as mentioned, etc.


Another page for creating logos is designmantic.com. It is a page specialized in digital design. First of all, we choose the type of design, the name and the industry and it gives rise to an output of results as can be seen in Fig. 6. It gives the impression that some logos come out a little warmongering because I chose as a theme security.

logo logotipo
Figura 7. Logotipos sugeridos con la temática seguridad

Other pages you can use

You can try on more websites like the ones I quote below:

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