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June 23, 2023
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Top Google searches in 2022

Looking for information in search engines like Google is important because it allows us to access a large amount of information online. Search engines allow us to find information on any topic that interests us, from news to tutorials and guides. In addition, search engines allow us to find updated and relevant information on any topic we are investigating. By searching for information online, we can save time and effort by quickly finding the information we need.

Checking out Google Trends’ insights into the questions we’ve shared, the people who have inspired us, and the moments that have surprised the world each year can be a way to see what happened in the world. This article talks about the use of search engines in the year 2022 and how to search by previous years.

Search engine data in 2022

This data is from page Statcounter collects information from web pages that allow visitors to track it.


Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Search Engine Market Share

Google trends

Google has a page to see trends that are displayed in the form of a 2-dimensional temporary graph. It’s a way of knowing what’s trendy. Allows tracking by country and global. You can follow the global data for 2022 from here

Summaries of previous years

It all started in 2010 when from the Google Search address  you can also search for videos and searches from previous years starting in 2010.

Video summary of the year 2022 according to Google

As every year Google has made a video summary of the year based on the most used searches in its search engine. It is always very emotional and reflects very well what has happened during the year. This year the search criterion “can i change” has been more fashionable than ever. From job changes to finding new horizons in life, people find new ways to reimagine themselves in a different world than the current one they live in right now.

You can explore the trends of this year 2022 from the direction #YearinSearch the audio version you can find it here: The music is created by the following artists: 2WEI, NYMA, HONAS Title: Once in a lifetime, additional vocals by Kate O’Connor. This is the video summary of the year.


In short, search engines like Google are a valuable tool for finding information online quickly and efficiently. In addition, it is a way to re-see the past and see what was fashionable at a certain moment in time.

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