December 24, 2023
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Create an animated postcard Christmas to send on social media

christmas scene

Christmas is coming and with it time to be with family and friends. You can be fortunate enough to have more free time and are very likely to spend more time on what you love. It is very fashionable to send personalized Christmas greetings and there are many tools that allow you to do so. A Microsoft tool  that will allow you to create a lively Christmas presentation is designer.

Steps to follow to create your animated Christmas postcard

The first thing you need to do is register on the website. You can choose several models at the top like the one you see in Fig. 1.

animada presentación de navidad animated postcard

You choose a model and then put a text in which you fill in certain pieces of information. In Fig. 2 there is a model where you can put whatever you want in two text boxes.

animada presentación de navidad animated postcard

Once you put in GENERATE, the magic will make its appearance. The images are created by artificial intelligence and an .mp4 file is generated. A possible outcome is as follows:

gif avertigoland

Get started with Generative AI

Generative imaging using artificial intelligence is another way to achieve amazing results offered by this website. You choose Image Creator,  or Design Creator,  etc., and you can get amazing results.

animada presentación de navidad

A result of a futuristic city would be as follows using IMAGE CREATOR:

animada presentación de navidad


This article discusses image generation through artificial intelligence, focusing on the latest developments, applications, and challenges in this ever-evolving discipline, using a new tool from Microsoft. The relevance of generative neural networks, such as GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), for the creation of compelling visual content is highlighted.

As advances are examined, the challenges associated with AI image generation, such as interpretation and ethics in the production of machine-generated content, are addressed. The need to address issues such as algorithmic bias and transparency in imaging processes is considered to ensure ethical and socially responsible applications.

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