June 19, 2021
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Influencers who buy followers on instagram

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Influencers are people who influence others, therefore, companies see in them claims to their products and usually hire their services to get something in return. Influencer marketing, or influencer marketing, is a form of advertising that has emerged over the last few years from a variety of recent practices and studies, focused more on people (the followers these influencers have) than on the target market as a whole.

However, many times the Instagram accounts of supposedly wealthy people who are influencers are nothing more than a smokescreen. They buy thousands of bots and turn an account that barely has followers, who are usually poor hecks who believe that leader, into a successful account to prove how popular they are.

For privacy issues and for not giving publicity to these individuals I will analyze 3 instagram accounts and see their suspicious history of followers. All information displayed is public and anyone can obtain it by looking for this information.

Followers are sold to the highest bidder

Buying followers to gain popularity has become a common tactic with the emergence of social media. So many followers you have… so much you’re worth it. Many influencers decide that the way to be recognized is to have followers and the more the better.

Years ago a company was discovered that was dedicated precisely to selling you followers for your networks. In 2018 the New York Times newspaper published an article exposing the company called Devumi. The revelations in the story prompted the action of the regulators and Devumi was forced to close shortly after the publication of the article.

Devumi sold Twitter followers and retweets to celebrities, businesses and anyone who wants to appear more popular or exert influence online. Based on an estimated stock of at least 3.5 million automated accounts, each sold many times, the company provided customers with more than 200 million followers on Twitter.

Suspicious engagement on Instagram

The first thing that catches the attention of these accounts that we are going to study is that percentage of commitment, that is, the percentage of measuring the average LIKE of the last 20 photographs divided by the total of followers and multiplied by 100 is very small. To be influencers this data should be better than what is seen only by analyzing that parameter.

Account A:

In this account only 0.8% of the followers of this account click likes on the posts. It is the account of one of the gurus of IM Academy of Mexico. He makes stories on instagram and often spends his time saying that what he does is not a pyramid scam. If you have to continually be saying that what you do is not a pyramid where you are at the top… maybe it’s supposedly true.


Account B:

This is the account of the supreme head of IM Academy. In this case the commitment percentage is 3.93%. Being the visible head of the business there can be many people who follow him and who have believed the message of this charlatan. Just like the previous guy also has stories on instagram saying that his business is legit and that it will make you rich. He will become rich, you will be one more of those at the base holding him.


Account C:

And finally, perhaps the most pompous of all. He’s also quite well known because he’s basically dedicated to uploading to social media how well he lives. He spends his days traveling, enjoying life, lecturing and earning money doing nothing. We left work for another day. It has a commitment percentage of 0.46%, that is to say half a person of 100 of its followers clicks likes on its images.


Taking as a reference an account of a famous athlete (https://socialblade.com/instagram/user/cristiano) we see that in this account his engagement  is 2% but it is an account with 300 million followers and I do not think that the owner of the account buys bots because he does not need them.

And suddenly… a tsunami of followers comes to your instagram

It is also noteworthy that these types of accounts have considerable increases in their followers on a particular day. Were the days when you bought the bots?. It is also likely that those days coincided with events in which they participated but it is striking that the number of followers increases so suddenly.

Account A:

On this account between 23 and 29 November he increased his followers by 172,578 followers. Considering that this account today has 210,000 followers… it means that in one day he won 81% of them. The city of Getafe in Spain has a population of 171,000 inhabitants. Are you telling me that in one day the whole city of Getafe joined your network?

Account B:

This account also has days of huge increase in followers. in one day he gained more than 24,000 new followers. It is as if the entire city of Marin in Spain joined the network of this type.

Account C:

On this account, which has more than 1 million followers has alarming increases. In one day he gained more than 237,939 followers. The city of Elche in Spain has a population of 230,000 inhabitants. In one day the entire city of Elche was added to the network of this type.


If you live on the internet it is very important that you are popular and that your social networks are visited and with people interacting in it. In this article I have analyzed 3 people who claim to have become millionaires with the internet but are nothing more than the members of the top of a pyramid who live as parasites at the expense of others.

Through the study of public information it is verified that these supposed influencers have a crazy increase of followers on specific days and a ridiculous percentage of commitment of their community.

Popularity today is measured at the expense of followers and many influencers know it. Young and not so young it is more important for them to get a LIKE and go viral than to do a job that costs them hours of effort. The reward is in the effort, not in going viral.


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