WiGLE, searching for Wi-Fi networks near you

If you are interested in discovering Wi-Fi networks near your location WiGLE  can help. Map an area by showing the Wi-Fi networks that are in that area. Instead of using tools like airmon-ng/airdump-ng, tshark, Wireshark, tcpdump or NetworkMiner, or you can just use WiGLE.

What is WiGLE is a send-based catalog of wireless networks. The networks shown are not paired with real people; rather name/password identities that people use to associate their data. It’s basically an engine for learning about the spread of wireless computer usage.

WiGLE uses wifi standards like 802.11a/b/g/ny cellular networks right now, which can be collected via wigle wifi wardriving tool on Android. It also uses a bluetooth client for Android, although it does not have a catalog of bluetooth networks.


How to start using it

The first step in using WiGLE is to create a username. You don’t have to send anything more than a made-up email, username and password, validation is immediate and there is no communication with you (unless you want to chat on the message boards). This will give you access to the software download and query engine.

Once you’ve been registered, you can send wireless network traces (in any of our listed formats, usually wireless sample pairings, network hardware names and addresses (for exclusivity), triple data/SNR, and GPS coordinates) or enter networks manually.

Keep in mind that your username gets “credit” for this, but of course some people don’t want their networks to appear on the list (for various reasons), so they’re removed immediately when they request it.

Tool to use on Android phones

The easiest way to start using our Android tools, available on the Google Play app store. You just have to search for “wiglewifi” on your Android device or visit  and download it from there.

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