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How to claim copyright from Google

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Copyright is a set of legal rules and principles that preserves the individual rights that authors have over their works. I, as a content creator, even if that content is free, have the right that if my content is copied, I am quoted or told who the creator was.

The importance of traffic sources on a web page

This website has the source of traffic during the month of September 2021 that can be seen in Fig. 1.

google analytics
Figure 1. traffic sources

74.2% of visitors to this page come through a Google search. Therefore, they are people who visit the page and who come from Google. If a web page is not indexed in Google it is as if it does not exist. This organic search is the main visitor engine of a page.

If we claim google and a plagiarized article is removed from the search the page will have fewer visits and will therefore have less chance of obtaining money for monetization.

Digital Copyright Act

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a copyright law that governs in the United States, to which Google responds when a notification of possible infringements of this type is filed. Content by blocking, deleting, or restricting access to plagiarized content.

In Europe there are different ways to protect the copyright of online content. The analogue to the DMCA in Spain would be the Intellectual Property Registry. Being a registration is voluntary, you have to take the step, and it has a cost. In this way, the content is protected under the symbol “©” if it is a work or representation or “®” if it is a phonogram.

Plagiarism is harmful to your domain because the traffic that is receiving the page that copies the content is not being received by you. Therefore, it is very important to know what to do if we see our content on another website without any express permission.

Where to find copyright claims

Lumen’s database  collects and analyzes legal complaints and requests for removal of materials online, helping Internet users learn about their rights and understand the law. This data makes it possible to study the prevalence of legal threats and allow Internet users to see the origin of content removal.

Lumen has an agreement with Google and Google may send a copy of the legal notices it receives to the Lumen project( publication and annotation. Lumen will remove the sender’s personal contact information (i.e., phone number, email address, and home address).

Example of plagiarism

Through Twitter I have known a flagrant case of plagiarism and I have decided to look for the plagiarized article. On the Lumen page you can search by URL, so I put the address where the plagiarized content is and I skip this information from Fig. 2.

derechos de autor copyright
Figure 2. Search result for a page with plagiarized content

As you can see the URL, the address that has content copied from another site, has several claims. The normal thing that Google does is after seeing these claims block access to the page or remove it from its results index.

How to remove content from Google

Google allows you to report the content that you want to be removed from the search engine services in accordance with applicable laws. In case it is not legal or does not have to do with Google products you can use the address

To request to remove the content we have to go to the following address. Keep in mind that even if Google removes a web page or image from its search results, it cannot remove content from the websites that host it. In that case it would be advisable to contact the owner of the website to ask him to remove the content in question.

In the Identify and describe copyrighted material box we need to provide a detailed description of the content in question. If possible, include an example or sample of the allegedly copied material.

In the Location box of the authorized example of the material, you must enter the URL of the content in an authorizedlocation. In the box to indicate where the allegedly infringing material is located, you must enter the URLs where the content you want us to remove appears. Finally, a request is created  for Google to review the case.


On the net there are pages that systematically copy the content of others. Most of those pages live at the expense of Google advertising, so one way to fight that copy is to demand that Google remove the page from the search results. Google may or may not heed that claim, but it’s important to say that the copied content will still be on the website unless it’s removed by the person who uploaded it.

You must know that we have rights and how to use them. It’s not pleasant to see the content you’ve done with all the goodwill to help on another website without citing the author.

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