December 7, 2021
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Create works of art with artificial intelligence

multicolored abstract painting
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence that is possessed by animals, especially humans. The use of artificial intelligence is becoming more common and will be a technological revolution in the coming years.

An example of its use is the creation of scenarios or canvases. A model is created with a seed that changes and a different result is obtained. Each time an order is executed, intelligence creates a new result. I share a website that allows you to create high quality works of art in seconds. The page is

inteligencia artificial, artificial intelligence

Example of use

To use this page, you have to put a name and an artistic style. The styles are mystical, festive, dark fantasy, psychic, pastel, HD, vibrant, fantasy art, etc. For example, using the word hacker we get what is observed in Fig. 1.

inteligencia artificial, artificial intelligence
Figure 1. Result with word Hacker

If we use the word Castle and choose the vibrant style, we get the result seen in Fig. 2.

inteligencia artificial, artificial intelligence
Figura 2. Result with word castle

Every time you run a new word and choose a style you get a different result. In Fig. 3 it would be with the word dream.

inteligencia artificial, artificial intelligence
Figure 3. Resulta with castle

How data is stored

WOMBO, the creator of this artificial intelligence product does not store data in any way anywhere, nor is it used to train the Machine Learning (ML) model in any way. The result is uploaded to your server to run the machine learning model on it and return the result, but it is not saved or reproducible.

This page is known for having an AI lip sync app from around the world. Wombo allows users to take a new or existing selfie and then select a song from a selected list to create a video that artificially moves the selfie’s head and lips in sync with the song. Wombo processes images in the cloud, unlike previous apps like FaceApp. Learn more at

More examples

Use this took for whatever you want like these examples. The limit is your imagination and artificial intelligence programming.

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